Weekend in the Woods

September 27, 2008

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Seinfeld Compilation- 100 Catch Phrases

August 23, 2008

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Mrs. Pupster Sells Out to Big Media

August 13, 2008

The Pupster Boys and Mrs. Pupster have been having loads of fun making videos, mostly clips from characters they create in  The Sims, mixed with music in Windows Movie Maker.  Since they like to post them on their personal blogs or share them with friends, I’ve been letting them use my YouTube account. 

Today I received a sphincter-tightening email from YouTube titled “A YouTube partner made a copyright claim on one of your videos”

Dear impupsterdammit,

UMG has claimed some or all audio content in your video Wake Up Call The Sims 2 Music Video. This claim was made as part of the YouTube Content Identification program.

Your video is still live because UMG has authorized the use of this content on YouTube. As long as UMG has a claim on your video, they will receive public statistics about your video, such as number of views. Viewers may also see advertising on your video’s page.

After I unclenched and began to follow some of the links in the email, I found the  situation to be acceptable, and if I may say so myself, handled elegantly.  Copyright holders, in this case UMG, provide to YouTube ID files for the material they wish to protect, and YouTube uses a Video Identification Tool to wash all new uploads against the ID files.  When they get a match, the copyright holder can choose three courses of action:

There are three usage policies — Block, Track or Monetize. If a rights owner specifies a Block policy, the video will not be viewable on YouTube. If the rights owner specifies a Track policy, the video will continue to be made available on YouTube and the rights owner will receive information about the video, such as how many views it receives. For a Monetize policy, the video will continue to be available on YouTube and ads will appear in conjunction with the video. The policies can be region-specific, so a content owner can allow a particular piece of material in one country and block the material in another.

In the case of Mrs. Pupster’s Wake Up Call The Sims video, USG has allowed the video to remain on YouTube with the addition of Google Ads (which I assume with fill their corporate coffers with untold riches), and will receive tracking and usage information.  

It seems like a pretty good application of common sense,  and I hope to see more of the same in the future, rather than the heavy handed tactics some other copyright holders pursue.

I Submit My First LOLDOG

June 9, 2008

funny pictures

Outdoor Living with Fire and Abandonment

May 25, 2008

I can haz smores?

Mrs. Pupster and the Pupster boys bought me an early Father’s Day present….an Outdoor Fireplace!  After a few rounds of my favorite game:  “Either I’m stupid or these assembly instructions are incomplete”, I put it together and made a spot for it with paving stones in the backyard.  Turns out the instructions were cryptic and I’m stupid.  Double bonus.  The plan was to make S’mores and have a backyard camp-out in the tent. 

Purple Haze - All in my brain

When I got the fire burning well, the fireplace started to smell a bit like hot metal and burning paint, not the sort of thing you want to roast marshmallows over.  We opted for microwaved S’mores and shallow breaths through our noses while gathered around the campfire’s toxic glow. 

Room for 5, Occupancy-1

I set up the tent earlier in the evening, with the Pupster boy’s able and excited assistance.  We stayed up pretty late, but neither boy could sleep in the tent with their nice warm bedrooms just a few steps away, so they both bailed on the camp-out in the middle of the night, and left me snoring and shivering in the tent.  It got down into the low 40’s last night, kinda chilly for late May.   

I had a mild panic attack after waking up alone, cold, stiff, and covered with dew,  but I rushed inside and found them both safe and snoring in their own beds. I decided not to dump a bucket of ice water on their heads at this time.  It’s just too impulsive and haphazard.  This kind of revenge needs planning.