Pawshank Redemption

December 17, 2007

One of the gates on our backyard fence blew open Saturday night or Sunday morning, and we didn’t notice it until the idiot dog ran away.  Mrs. Pupster and I set out on a desperate search and rescue mission.  The snow was coming down pretty hard, and the bitter, gusty wind was swirling it around real good.  Tackle’s paw prints were covered over within seconds, so we couldn’t just track him through the neighborhood.

I guess he is smart enough to figure out that a soft and warm couch in confinement is better than unlimited freedom in near blizzard conditions.  Mrs. Pupster was about a block away searching on foot and I was 3 blocks away driving up and down the neighborhood in the Jeep when Pupster boy 2 called our cell phones with the good news of  Tackle’s return.  Somehow he had escaped and evaded our capture efforts, and back-tracked himself right to the back door.  I wired the gates shut when I got home so they wouldn’t blow open again. 


The Jeep Wave

June 3, 2007

Back when I was still car shopping, Enas Yorl left a comment about RAV4 drivers who wave to each other.  I thought that was cool. 

After I purchased and started driving Charlie Wrangler, I noticed other Wrangler drivers waving at me as we passed on the road.  When I told the rest of the Pupster Family about it, they thought its was pretty cool too, and we all now wave at other Jeepers as we cruise around town. 

I get the wave pretty consistently from other Wrangler drivers, but not so much as a nod from Patriot’s, Laredo’s, or Liberty’s.  Curious about the Jeep Wave phenomenon, a little internet research has revealed that not only is it accepted practice to wave at other Wrangler drivers…it’s the JEEP LAW! Read the rest of this entry »

Gaaah! There’s MUD on MY JEEP!

May 7, 2007

Friday and Saturday evening the entire Pupster Clan went Jeeping around a local reservoir.  We stayed on the paved roads, but still managed to pick up some of the local color on Charlie Wrangler.  Read the rest of this entry »

Charlie Wrangler Must Obey Natural Laws

May 3, 2007

In skimming over the Jeep Owners Manual, I found many WARNING! boxes with bold text placed all over the place.  Most are highly ‘tarded, as is the manual in general, but my favorite so far is a three-peat, the WARNING! box for the ABS (anti-lock brake system), BAS (brake assist system), and the ESP (electronic stability control program) all have the same opening line, which I find priceless: 


The _ _ _ system cannot prevent the natural laws of physics from acting on the vehicle.



Good to know.