Decision ’07 – Crossroads *UPDATE*

I recieved the following email today, and wanted to bump and credit this photograph.


I just found a photograph taken by used on your blog without credit/permission:   (redacted post updated and bumped-Pup)

The original can be found here:

This picture is protected by a CC license that requires giving credit to me. Flickr also requires a link back to their pages..

Please give due credit or remove the picture.

Best regards



Photo  by: 

 zeitspuren   (check out his flicker photostream!)

I just replied thusly:


Thank you for the email, I must apologize for my bad Internet manners.  I love your picture so much!  I meant no offense, and to be totally honest, I was quite intoxicated when I wrote the original post, and was unable to find you again after becoming sober to provide proper credit. 

 I believe I did a yahoo image search for ‘crossroads’ originally, but I could not duplicate the results that lead me to your awesome photograph the first time.  I got no less than 2 different emails requesting information about your photograph, I will reply to them and CC you once I get your permission to continue to use this image on my humble blog.

 How did you find me?  I’m just curious is all.  Please review the changes to the post:

 (I’ve updated and bumped to the top)

 I pledge to immediately and without any hard feelings remove your photograph, or edit it to your satisfaction.  Please forgive me for your trouble. 




Original Post:

Things are unsettled in the Pupster world.  I’m up against some really heavy meat world stuff, my dear pretend internet friends.  I have to make a grown-up type decision and I feel like a fawn in headlights. 

How do you make the tough decisions?  Honest to God, I’ve probably only made two or three of them in my whole life, I usually wait for the circumstances to force my hand, or the murky water to settle and clear.  Wait and see is a sure way for one of my options to go away in this instance.  I might just flip a coin.

26 Responses to Decision ’07 – Crossroads *UPDATE*

  1. TattooedIntellectual says:

    It sounds corny, but I do the pro/con list. I also usually solicit advice from friends/family and then ignore it 🙂

  2. skinbad says:

    It might sound cornier, but pray? Do your thinking and discussing and pro/conning and then make a decision and pray and ask (if that’s your style) or just let it sink in (if it’s not). If it feels good, follow the feeling. If the decision doesn’t feel good, back up. I’m kind of a “not making a decision is a decision” type. But anyway, there’s $.02-worth.

  3. skinbad says:

    Oh, and good luck. Job change and/or relocation decision? That’s what it sounds like.

  4. Pupster says:

    Thanks TI, that’s what I started to do when I sat down to write this post, do a Pro/Con list, but I can’t share any details because I’ll blow the deal.

    I feel like a huge hypocrite when I pray, like what I really should be asking for is forgiveness instead of advice. I guess I should do both.

  5. skinbad says:

    “They” say when you don’t feel like doing it is when you need to the most. But I know what you mean. I’m not trying to be preachy.

    “Uh, about that ‘pray always’ thing? I know, I know. But here I am again when I really need some help.”

  6. S. Weasel says:

    Personally, I always procrastinate until the decision is made for me by circumstances beyond my control.

    In my defense, that has worked out WAY better for me than you might think.

  7. Mr Minority says:

    Since everyone else has beat me to the pro/con list and pray suggestions, then I suggest you look at the decision as to how it will impact your future and/or your vision of what your future will be.

    If it is a career change decision, change can be for the good. If it is for relocation, then the decision can be made based on your family and the impact on their lives.

    What ever you do solicit advice only from people you trust, and you are not obligated to take it.

    So is your “big decision” whether to have cheese or not on your Big Mac?

  8. pajama momma says:

    seriously? go with your gut. Not your head, not your heart, but your gut.
    The gut feeling is usually God whispering to you. listen
    This is coming from someone who’s made some seriously stupid decisions in her life and is now making really good ones.
    Let each decision come indiviually into your mind and look at what the “feeling” is you get from them. I know that seems like a chick thing to do, but I mean whether either of those decisions kind of gives you a pit in your stomach or not. sorry for the ramble
    no need to ask for forgiveness or advice, just wisdom

  9. Pupster says:

    Sorry to be so cryptic, I really DO appreciate your input.

    Stoaty, that is exactly my decision making style, wait for circumstances to force a choice, or for ‘others’ to make up my mind. That way it’s always someone else who holds the reins. Bah.

    Mr. M., it’s bigger than a cheeseburger.

    PJM, I’m seriously stoked by comments. Do not ever apologize for leaving one here, no matter what the size or content.

    Thanks everyone.

  10. pajama momma says:

    Oh I didn’t know the decision was bigger than a cheeseburger. good luck with that

  11. TattooedIntellectual says:

    Yep, it’s whether or not to get it w/ fries and the Diet or Regular Coke 😛

    To be honest, I almost prefer big decisions that change things all at once, as opposed to a bunch of little decisions where I end up not where I want to be.

  12. geoff says:

    On major decisions, I go with the option that gives me butterflies in the stomach.

  13. Pupster says:

    Well, butterflies won’t work for me in this case, I’m nervous as hell about every option.

    Why aren’t you studying!

  14. skinbad says:

    Geoff takes the road less traveled. You can catch up to him if you follow the trail of throwup.

    Whatever you decide, make the choice that your family can clean up most easily and with the least amount of lingering trauma.

  15. geoff says:

    I’m nervous as hell about every option.

    I meant more the butterflies of excitement, rather than the butterflies of fear.

  16. compos mentis says:

    I know you feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body. Sometimes life isn’t fair. However, my advice is to NOT have your weiner fileted into a vajajay. If you still want to go with the breast implants, that’s cool. That way you can sit around and play with them whenever you want.

    Look at it this way. You drive a Jeep, which is half-way to being a lesbian. So you might as well stick to liking women.

  17. kevlarchick says:

    Sit down, be still, and listen.

  18. Dude, sorry to hear things are unsettled.

    Last time I faced one like that was the decision to come here (cent. Texas) 16 years ago. I prayed and weighed and just did not get a clear sense of direction, one way or the other.

    I was yakkin with my pastor about it (RIP Bob Earl, you were a good man), and he gave me some of the best advice I ever got from a pastor. He said “you pray about it, and if after that you still don’t have a clear sense of what you think He wants you to do, then do what seems best to you, and if it isn’t what He wants for you, He will withdraw you from it gracefully”.

    I’ll be rememberin ya too pal.

  19. See-Dubya says:

    It’s funny how rare situations like this are, where it is so obvious and clear that you are about to make a major choice. Usually things just work out to where you’ve got one smart move to make, or there’s only one right thing to do.

    Not much to add to all the good advice above, other than to consider where each option will put you twenty years from now.

    Not a lot of difference? Don’t sweat it so much.

  20. Cuffy Meigs says:

    What’s the ETA for judgement day?

    I’m like geoff; I usually pick the one that freaks me the hell out (in a good way) when I think what it can become 10 years out. Good luck.

    PS: you’ve been Perfunked—on my blogroll now. Yay, Pups!

  21. Pupster says:

    Thanks Cuffster.

    I waited for too long to make a decision, and inertia rolled me through the crossroads.

    Judgment Day came and went whilst I re-arranged the seating chart on Pupster Force One.

  22. Cuffy Meigs says:

    So is the result satisfactory? Too early to tell?

  23. skinbad says:

    It is a nice photo. It would be better if a mountain biker was about to crash into a troop of girl scouts, but I guess you can’t have everything.

  24. Pupster says:


    That would probly skip right over the friendly email to a full blown Cease and Desist letter.

  25. Pupster…you still in Pitt?

  26. Pupster says:

    Hey Bud…check your email.

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