Psycho Robin *Updated*

I keel you!

This little devil has been hurling himself against my home office window for over a week.  I’m guessing he is attacking his own reflected image in the glass.  You’d think, after a few bone-jarring *pock*’s into the window he’d figure it out, but no such luck.  Every day he keeps it up, smearing his bird juice all over my view. 

Winner winner, robin dinner

I taped up an image of an attacking red-tailed hawk to try and dissuade him, but he just adjusted his trajectory and keeps up the attack.  He really should be scared, there is a family of hawks a few trees over from here. 

Although I admire his pluck and persistence, I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill himself with a few more days of window smacking, and even if he doesn’t, he’s messing up my window something awful.  I might just have to put him down myself. 


Mrs. Pupster went to The Wild Bird Store, and they recommended stick-on hawk silhouettes and reflective tape.  We’ll see. 

Back I say!

*puts pellet gun back in closet*


5 Responses to Psycho Robin *Updated*

  1. Rosetta says:

    Hahahaha! This post cracked me up.

    Good one, Pupster.

  2. skinbad says:

    Psycho robin? Ques’que c’est?

  3. S. Weasel says:

    Different species than the ones they have in the UK, but Uncle B has one in the yard he calls Attila. British robins are aggressive little so-and-sos. Attila has been in the house twice. And *something* is seeing its reflection in the car windows and attacking (and, in the process, crapping all over his car).

    My cats are going to be a big shock to Attila the Robin.

  4. prettysleepy says:

    The robin came back again today. He rammed his head into the glass a couple of times while carrying a mouthful of grasses (for nest building?)
    So guess what I did! I put more reflective tape on the window. It looks like a party in our office.
    -Mrs. Pupster

  5. skinbad says:

    You’re a nice person. You’d better hide the pellet gun.

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