Why Can’t I Do Cute?

I dunno.  It just doesn’t seem to be in me.  I started poking around youtube for some cute stuff, and I came across an entirely new outdoor action sport;  Chipmunk Fishing.  After I perused a few of the videos, I lost interest.  They aren’t using real hooks.

Quite a while back, Think Tankers posted a link to vixy.net, a ‘free’ service that will rip from youtube and covert to .avi video, or just grab the audio and convert it to MP3.  The site is beta, and to be honest it only seems to work about half the time.   

It worked well enough this afternoon for me to completely sully the cute chipmunk genre.  I may need some new tags.  And a disclaimer. 



5 Responses to Why Can’t I Do Cute?

  1. S. Weasel says:

    Whoa! There was something disgraceful about that video. It was like dirty, dirty peanut porn.

  2. Pupster says:

    Yeah, I’m limited to Vista’s movie making tools, I wanted to do slow-mo and mix in some grunting noises.

  3. skinbad says:

    Busted a nut.

  4. Dex says:

    There’s a better one that you install on your client PC, lets you rip the .flv and can convert it into pretty much any other type of file you want. I don’t have a link, but it’s on Windows Marketplace.
    I haven’t tried the vixy one.

  5. Dex says:

    meant there’s a better tool. not a better video.

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