One Man’s Trash

April 26, 2008

Last summer I got rid of my riding mower, which I bought used, and it came with a little cart.  I might have used the cart 5 or 6 times over the same number of years, mostly it sat and rusted quietly in the backyard, filling up with leaves and rainwater.  This year my intention was to drag it to the curb and hope the local trash-pickers would take it away, but Mrs. Pupster thought it might sell on Ebay.  She was right. 

Cart Fur Sail

She listed as pickup only, took lots of pictures, and was completely honest in her listing.  Rusty, needs two new tires, full of debris.  People wanted this cart.  The auction was being bookmarked and watched.  I was amazed.  We started the auction at $1.00.  The winning bidder paid $53.00, and immediately sent payment via Pay-pal.  When he called for pickup directions, Mrs. Pupster asked what area of town he was coming from.  Dover, Delaware he replied. 

506 Miles, 8hrs 31min

 Dude.  You spent $50 + dollars for a trash cart, and are willing to drive 8hrs, 31min, 500+ miles to come and get it?  People are maniacs.  Dude came and picked it up this morning, I was worried that he would suffer buyer’s remorse when he arrived.  Nope, it was just what he was looking for.  We loaded it in his pick-up, shook hands and off he went.  Ebay rocks. 

Psycho Robin *Updated*

April 20, 2008

I keel you!

This little devil has been hurling himself against my home office window for over a week.  I’m guessing he is attacking his own reflected image in the glass.  You’d think, after a few bone-jarring *pock*’s into the window he’d figure it out, but no such luck.  Every day he keeps it up, smearing his bird juice all over my view. 

Winner winner, robin dinner

I taped up an image of an attacking red-tailed hawk to try and dissuade him, but he just adjusted his trajectory and keeps up the attack.  He really should be scared, there is a family of hawks a few trees over from here. 

Although I admire his pluck and persistence, I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill himself with a few more days of window smacking, and even if he doesn’t, he’s messing up my window something awful.  I might just have to put him down myself. 


Mrs. Pupster went to The Wild Bird Store, and they recommended stick-on hawk silhouettes and reflective tape.  We’ll see. 

Back I say!

*puts pellet gun back in closet*

Why Can’t I Do Cute?

April 12, 2008

I dunno.  It just doesn’t seem to be in me.  I started poking around youtube for some cute stuff, and I came across an entirely new outdoor action sport;  Chipmunk Fishing.  After I perused a few of the videos, I lost interest.  They aren’t using real hooks.

Quite a while back, Think Tankers posted a link to, a ‘free’ service that will rip from youtube and covert to .avi video, or just grab the audio and convert it to MP3.  The site is beta, and to be honest it only seems to work about half the time.   

It worked well enough this afternoon for me to completely sully the cute chipmunk genre.  I may need some new tags.  And a disclaimer. 


Weezer – Island in the Sun

April 6, 2008

I’ve been in a deep funk for a couple of months, I’ve not been able to write anything other than horribly self-indulgent and depressing dreck. I’m not out of it, but I’m fighting. I’m not going to write about or post any dark stuff. Just happy smiley fuzzy sunny uplifting gee willikers isn’t it swell shit from here on out. Or hiatus again.

I ran across this video from Weezer via Cute Overload (shut up!). No embedding allowed, so I hot-linked a screen shot.

Everybody loves Puppies

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