Bad Morning


 I’m sick, and I got up at 4:00AM and took some cold medicine, and my head is just loopy.  Can’t think straight, and I keep doing stupid things ’cause I’m not paying attention.   

I cut my ear while shaving this morning.  No…I wasn’t shaving my ear.  It just got in the way of my razor.  Freaky…yes? 

 It’s snowing, and it’s trash day.  I started up the Jeep and let it run to get warm while I dragged the trash to the curb.  Then I drove off to work and left my wallet and cell phone at the house.  Luckily my ass is attached or I would have forgot it too. 

I can whole heartedly recommend Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Severe for all your cold and flu needs.  Just stay in bed and move all sharp objects out of range. 

UPDATE:  Going home to lay down and die rest.

UPDATE 2:  Drove Jeep into garage door, cracked lower panel. 

UPDATE 3:  I didn’t wear a belt with my dress shirt and pants today.  I smell pretty bad, too.  Might have forgot to use soap in the shower this morning.  That severe cold medicine could really, really be abused in the wrong hands.  Back to bed for me.  Thanks for the well wishes.   


9 Responses to Bad Morning

  1. Enas Yorl says:

    Aw, poor Pupster! Sounds like you were lucky to get back home in one piece. Stay in bed until you get better. Make sure everone understands that you have a Man Cold.

  2. Mr Minority says:

    Dude, I hope the lower panel you cracked was on the garage, I hate to think that you marred up the Jeep.

    Take it easy, drink plenty of fluids (no, beer doesn’t count) and get some rest.

    My favorite cold remedy:

    Cup of hot tea, with honey, a squirt of lemon and a shot of Jack Daniels. Works wonders!

  3. skinbad says:

    Damn. Give it a few more years and you probably will be shaving your ears.

    Get better.

  4. Pupster says:

    Whew! What a day. Not updated but also factual, while at work I edited a CAD drawing for 2 hours, then clicked “NO” when it asked if I wanted to save changes…I forgot to stop by the pharmacy to pick up a perscription…and forgot to pick up my pants at the tailors.

    Garage door panel is cracked and bowed out but still functional.

    Back at work today, under a looming deadline. Still feel sick.

  5. Enas Yorl says:

    I just found out today that my boss is out for the week (at least) with pneumonia. Take care of yourself dude!

  6. S. Weasel says:

    Two weeks later, and I’m not over mine yet. I picked this one up in Gatwick Airport, so it’s an international traveler.

    Worst cold I’ve ever had, I think.

  7. eddiebear says:

    What kills me is that because of the stupid meth-heads out there, I have to go through a worse checking over than a gun background check just to get some Aleve Cold.

  8. kevlarchick says:

    Good god, man.

    Take a shower and go to bed, you poor thing.

  9. PattyAnn says:

    Pupster, hope you mend quickly.

    And if anyone hasn’t clicked on Enas’s link, you’r missing a funny. Unless you’re a man.

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