Fred! Gets Some Much Needed Press Coverage

Finally, Reuters comes out with a well balanced and thought provoking article on Fred Thompson.  I’ve added emphasis to what I call ‘action words’ in the article, to make it extra energetic;  just like Fred!

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Reuters) – For Republican Fred Thompson, the former actor turned reluctant politician, the first few months of his floundering bid to be U.S. president were just a warm-up act. Now it is showtime.

After a late start, poor reviews for a lackluster campaign and a slide in opinion polls sending him behind several rivals, he says he is ready to make his move in Iowa.

Can you feel it?  Are you as jazzed as I am right now?

The last thing you see before you die

But wait!  The ‘action word’ bag isn’t quite empty yet!  Let’s dig a little deeper and see what else we can pull out of there, shall we? 

Thompson has been falling in polls since his delayed entry in September and a series of campaign-trail gaffes. He has been criticized for spending too little time campaigning. Some days, his entire schedule consists of a few call-in radio shows.  But a strong showing in Iowa after months of neglect could give Thompson new momentum.

Yep, here we go…Fred! is really starting to get some traction in the MSM, a few more stories like this should vault him right to the top in Iowa. 

Hey…well would you look at that?  I seem to have bitten my own tongue off.  


6 Responses to Fred! Gets Some Much Needed Press Coverage

  1. Pupster says:

    Am I too sensitive? I mean, the article does go on to be fairly positive, or at least not rip your guts out biased against.

    It just seemed like an awful lot of eff-you adverbs for a straight news article.

  2. skinbad says:

    Oh, honey. That’s pretty limp. But I guess it’s firm enough. And I know there’s nothing you can do about the below-average size.

    Honey? What’s wrong?
    Don’t you find me attractive?

  3. Pupster says:

    Ick. What the hell was that?

    Have you been drinking? Cause I can excuse a little pirate curiosity if you’ve been hitting the rum.

  4. Enas Yorl says:

    I think Fred!s strategy is to not peak too early. The front-runner gets the most scrutiny and criticism – see Rudy. Was the Top Dawg and now he’s toast. The Arkansas Shuckster shot right up, but I cannot imagine him staying at the top for too much longer. In the end it will be between Romney and Thompson. The deciding factor will likely be who gets most of the support from the rest of the also-rans.

  5. skinbad says:

    Sorry. That was meant to be sort of the humorous equivalent of the article talking Fred down with a little boost at the end. No curiosity or rum whatsoever.

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