Funny Commercial

It made me laugh. 


7 Responses to Funny Commercial

  1. Pupster says:

    Well crap. The video still gives away the funnah.

  2. skinbad says:

    You’re an innovator. I think everyone should put up the first comment on any of their own posts. It sends the subliminal message that the water is fine and any moron passerby can jump in and make a stupid comment.

    See how it works?

  3. Pupster says:

    *cue Billy Idol music*

    …dancing with my-se-helf Oh oh

    dancing with my-se-helf

  4. eddiebear says:

    ^I liked “Rebel Yell” myself.

  5. Lipstick says:


    I won’t show it to my ferrets though — might give them ideas.

  6. Mr Minority says:

    I thank the Lord that I don’t live in ferret country. All we have to worry about is raccoons with pick-axes.

  7. Lipstick says:

    Mr. M, you never know where the ferrets are.

    They are great tunnelers. They could be creeping up your pipes right now!

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