The View From My Window

From the Columbus Dispatch: 

A crane tipped over this morning at a construction site in Gahanna, prompting police to close down a busy street.


No one was hurt in the incident at the site where the Creekside Conference and Convention Center is being built on Mill Street just north of Granville Street, police said.

Across and down the street from my office.  Our building was evacuated as a precaution, but I sneaked (snuck?) back inside and got some work done.  The crane was still wheels up and against the building when I left this evening.    


4 Responses to The View From My Window

  1. Pupster says:

    Update: Crane is all gone, nothing left but an ouchy looking dent in the top of the building. That circular do-thingy on top looks like the bridge on a space ship. I’m hoping it’s part of a restaurant.

    “Hey, look! I can see my office where I am not working from here!”

  2. eddiebear says:

    Yikes! Somebody’s insurance just went up.

  3. skinbad says:

    We had a local news one a couple of weeks ago. They were lifting a telephone pole over a house. The crane came down and cut the house in half. Bad day all around.

  4. mesablue says:

    You work at a Denny’s?

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