Why Bikers Wear Chaps

Easier to change your drawers after a close call.


3 Responses to Why Bikers Wear Chaps

  1. Michael says:

    Pupster, I’ve actually burned some rubber off my motorcycle tires on Brand Road when a deer jumped out in front of me. It was pretty scary. The section of Brand between Muirfield Blvd. and Dublin Rd. is infested with deer. I’ve learned to drive very slowly there.

  2. wiserbud says:

    I was driving my girlfriend’s Honda CRX a number of years ago when a buck came leaping out of the woods towards my car. He hit the road and tried to stop, putting his head down while sliding on the pavement, while I slammed on the brakes.

    I thought I was a dead man. He hit the side of the car with the points of his rack, stood up and looked at me with a dazed expression, before turning and running back into the woods from where he came.

    When I pulled over later to check out the damage, there were about six tiny little dimples on the driver’s side door where his rack had hit the car.

  3. PHenry says:

    Ran over a squrrell once. The bastard committed suicide using my bike. I couldn’t have hit him if I tried, instead he bobbed left and right 3 times till he hit me. A bike tire is what, 5 inches across, and I swerved away from him with every fake, but he would not be denied.
    I barely felt him go under my tire, but on the way home I saw the remains, so I know he was flat.

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