Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll

 It’s been a loooooooooooooong time.  From Yahoo Music:

…dancing days are here again, because the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin are finally getting back together!

Incredibly, according to NME.com, frontman Robert Plant is in talks this week with fellow Led Zep legends Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones about a Zeppelin tour that’ll hopefully kick off in London this November. Presumably late drummer John Bonham’s son, Jason Bonham, will fill in behind the drumkit for the Zep trek…

Wow!  A Led Zeppelin TOUR!  Plant, Page, Jones, and (Jason) Bonham together again.  Too good to be true?  

Yep.  Some yahoo didn’t even read the source article.   

From NME.com:

A fan who met Plant in London today contacted NME.COM explaining that the singer said he was on his way to meet bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.“How did you find out about this?” asked Plant when asked about the prospects of a reunion show by the autograph hunter. “Well we’ve got a band meeting about it this afternoon about it. There’s not a lot to work out as it’s only going to be one-off gig.”

NME.COM has also learned from a music industry source that the show, possibly to take place in November at the 02 in London, will be a charity gig organised by promoter Harvey Goldsmith.

Did you get all that?  The two sources for the story are “an autograph seeker”, and a mysteriously anonymous “music industry source”.   Real rock solid, factual reporting there. 

No tour. 

One concert in London, maybe. 

Oh, well.  Good luck fellas. From 1979:


11 Responses to Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll

  1. wiserbud says:

    Led Zeppelin?

    Ummmmmmm, not to be too much of a dick, but, honestly, who cares?

  2. Pupster says:

    I just wanted to see 63 yo Jimmy Page play Heartbreaker without breaking a hip.

  3. kevlarchick says:

    I saw em when they did the No Quarter Tour – it was just Page and Plant. But they had this incredible Egyptian band. I loved it.

  4. kevlarchick says:

    I was gonna do my *squeal!* but then I actually read your post. Me sad now.

  5. skinbad says:

    This post requires me to link this:

  6. Pupster says:

    “Almost” a *squeal* is the story of my life.

    Skinbad, that was just…bad.

  7. wiserbud says:

    Pup! You were way out in front on this one!

  8. daveintexas says:

    no squeal for you pal

  9. eddiebear says:

    Excuse me while I take a tall drink from the Awesome Fountain

  10. Pupster says:

    Yep. If I wasn’t so humble, I’d “it’s old” ACE. Or maybe I’m just too proud.

    Or maybe I’m just stupid.

  11. nicedeb says:

    You scooped the internets!

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