Downward Dog Indeed

My back went out.  Again.  No rhyme nor reason to it, I was just sitting here cruising blogs working like a sled dog and *CLENCH* went my lower back. 

The doctor says I need to exercise my back muscles to make them stronger.  crazy docIt didn’t sound like he was smiling when he said it to the top of my head, but it hurt too bad to look up (he’s 6′ 5″) to see his face.    Apparently, they remove the irony bone in medical school. 

These exercises look pretty close to what I’m supposed to do every freakin’ day for the rest of my life…my favorite:

who is a happy puppy?

In the meantime…BUBBLES!


8 Responses to Downward Dog Indeed

  1. skinbad says:

    That’s a new one to me. When you feel better, tell me what else you’ve got.

  2. skinbad says:

    Oh, and I’m sorry for your pain.

  3. Pupster says:

    I forgot to mention that I ran into my old work neighbor, who fell off a ladder on father’s day and broke his back. He was walking out of my old office building wearing a back brace and told me the whole story. 6 hours of surgery, 4 weeks in bed, 2 months on heavy pain killers.

    So I’m a big pussy. My back still hurts.

  4. cranky says:

    While counting out loud, clench your butt cheeks. No shit, that’s what they have me doing to strenghen my lower back muscles. I’m afraid it might make me real popular with a certain Andi S.

    Hope you feel better because back pain sucks.

  5. S. Weasel says:

    When my boss’ back went out years ago, they gave him the exercises…and he’s done them every damn day since. Never had another problem. Stupid scandihoovian self-discipline.

    Mine goes out once in a blue moon and I just drink myself through it. Which, since it’s what I do when my back doesn’t go out, is no inconvenience.

  6. Pupster says:

    Do you REALLY have to count OUT LOUD during butt kegels? Someone is bound to ask what you are doing. I can’t lie under pressure.

    Mrs. Pupster is not buying the ‘vodka helps the pain killers/muscle relaxants work better’ deal. I have to be sneaky about it.

  7. skinbad says:

    I did your exercises last night. Well, about 2/3 of them. Then I got bored and got a snack out of the freezer. You don’t want to rush this healthy lifestyle business. When I did the Tail Wagging exercise the thought came to my mind that if S. Weasel was in the vicinity he might blow a puff of air on your o-ring. Then I couldn’t sleep well.

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