The Jeep Wave

Back when I was still car shopping, Enas Yorl left a comment about RAV4 drivers who wave to each other.  I thought that was cool. 

After I purchased and started driving Charlie Wrangler, I noticed other Wrangler drivers waving at me as we passed on the road.  When I told the rest of the Pupster Family about it, they thought its was pretty cool too, and we all now wave at other Jeepers as we cruise around town. 

I get the wave pretty consistently from other Wrangler drivers, but not so much as a nod from Patriot’s, Laredo’s, or Liberty’s.  Curious about the Jeep Wave phenomenon, a little internet research has revealed that not only is it accepted practice to wave at other Wrangler drivers…it’s the JEEP LAW!

jeep wave


Jeepin’ Wave Rules
These rules are an attempt to make it easier to facilitate the mandatory wave when coming in contact with another vehicle of the Jeep nature. Though there are several variations of the waving rules, the following were designed as an easy to remember guideline for when to wave and who should wave first.

Rule 1:
If you are a driver or passenger in a Jeep vehicle, and you come in contact with another occupied Jeep vehicle you should wave. If the vehicle is not occupied, the wave is optional.

Rule 2:
Be the first to wave. Don’t wait, just wave.

Rule 3:
Be forgiving. Sometimes the occupants of the Jeep receiving the wave are not paying attention, distracted, or are paying attention to driving. We all know how you can get lost in the euphoria of driving a Jeep and forget about the outside world.

Rule 4:
Wave vigorously. When cruising at 55mph toward a vehicle going 55mph it is sometimes difficult to see the ‘over the steering wheel’ wave. Get that hand out and make it seen!

Rule 5:
When you are the recipient of a wave, return the wave.

Rule 6:
Sometimes Jeep owners forget they are not in their Jeep and wave by habit. When occupants of non-Jeep vehicles wave, returning the wave is optional, but usually a good idea.

Pupster’s Rule 7:

Be sure to use ALL your fingers. 


8 Responses to The Jeep Wave

  1. harrison says:

    Great. Another cult.

  2. Michael says:

    Similar protocols are in effect, and rigidly observed, amongst men on a cruiser class bike (crotch rockets don’t count). It’s more refined, having been developed over many decades. You can’t actually wave, it has to be a casual left-hand projection (your right hand is busy on the throttle controlling fuel supply). Wrist action is not allowed. Fingers must be pointed at a downward angle, signifying the adage that one must keep rubber on the road. This is a reference to the gyroscopic forces that keep two-wheeled vehicles attached to the pavement in a turn. Normally you do this with three fingers, but there are regional variations. The rules are relaxed if your passenger (universally referred to as the person “riding bitch,” whether male or female) does the gesture for you.

  3. A biker waved at me yesterday when I pulled in front of him. I think he was a veteran. At least it seemed so, he had lost some fingers in the war.

  4. geoff says:

    It’s amazing how the peripheral fingers are always the first to go.

  5. kevlarchick says:

    And what’s the problem with a crotch rocket? Sounds like fun to me.

  6. Dave in Texas says:

    I noticed that too geoff, it’s uncanny how they always lose pinky, ring and forefinger first.

  7. skinbad says:

    People here joke about giving and receiving “the Sanpete finger.” Usually the left hand is on the wheel in the 12:00 position. Right hand is occupied holding woman, dog, or beverage. You simply lift the left index finger as you drive by.

    Most people in my town give some sort of wave. Visitors think we’re very friendly.

    Little do they know.

  8. what’s the problem with a crotch rocket?

    I once had the big nut that holds the whole rear swing arm bolt on come lose on the San Diego freeway…

    …something was pushing on my ankle and I looked down to see what it was and this bolt was only a couple inches away from turning me into a greasy stain. If my foot had been in another position, I wouldn’t be writing this ;->

    I kicked that bitch back in and held my heel against it for about 300 miles.

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