The Jeep Wave

June 3, 2007

Back when I was still car shopping, Enas Yorl left a comment about RAV4 drivers who wave to each other.  I thought that was cool. 

After I purchased and started driving Charlie Wrangler, I noticed other Wrangler drivers waving at me as we passed on the road.  When I told the rest of the Pupster Family about it, they thought its was pretty cool too, and we all now wave at other Jeepers as we cruise around town. 

I get the wave pretty consistently from other Wrangler drivers, but not so much as a nod from Patriot’s, Laredo’s, or Liberty’s.  Curious about the Jeep Wave phenomenon, a little internet research has revealed that not only is it accepted practice to wave at other Wrangler drivers…it’s the JEEP LAW! Read the rest of this entry »