Movie Review – Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third 

If you were a fan of the first two Shrek movies, you won’t be horrifically disappointed in the third installment of the series.  It’s not as good as the first or second, but doesn’t totally suck. 

Some vague spoilers follow…There is a lot going on in Shrek the Third; Prince Charming is trying to reclaim the throne with the help of all the other fairy tale villains, Fiona and Shrek are expecting their first child, and Shrek goes on a quest with Donkey and Puss in Boots to find a long lost cousin.  With all the different story lines going on, Shrek didn’t really get the chance to Ogre it up as much as I’d have liked to see.  Fiona and her circle of fairy tale princesses get a lot of screen time, which might make the chicks happy, but the Pupster Boys started to get fidgety during the princess’ scenes. 

In trying to appeal to all demographics, the movie ends up satisfying none in my opinion.  There is enough fairy tale character action and fart jokes to keep the children interested,  but it loses the younger audience with forays into high school social angst and grown up issues like the fear of becoming a parent. 

The animation is very, very good…too good when it comes to character detail.  Chest hair and liver spots on Shrek, and the moles and freckles on the human characters actually detracted from my movie experience.

The soundtrack is awesome, and though the best songs are cut short, the covers of  classic rock songs were my favorite part of the film.

The Pupster Boys both enjoyed the movie, but didn’t think it was as good as Shrek or Shrek 2. 

I’ll give it one and a half paws up.

4 Responses to Movie Review – Shrek the Third

  1. BACK ROW GUY says:

    You will probably file this in the “Mind your own business” trash can but here goes. Your weight loss program…..I see you went three walks one week then zip. Well, I really enjoy the blogosphere but worry that you guys spend too much time working to entertaining me and so disregard your health. For me exercise is non negotiable: you do it, or avoid it at your peril. Besides, I need you guys around to keep me amused. Now, Shrek, there’s a case in point…**floats gently into trash can**

  2. skinbad says:

    Thanks for the review. This is one of those we’ll probably have to see even if all reviewers hate it. Now I need to thank you. Last night, Evil CC was trying to engage me in a music discussion. As I told him about the charms and talents of Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Crowes, etc., he felt the need to mock the old man. “Bet you’ve never heard of ‘Drowning Pool’ have you? Huh?” He starts doing the head banging thing and singing about the bodies hitting the floor. Mind flashes back to Pupster’s adolescent angst. “Drowning Pool? Sure. That video’s kind of cool too. Oh. You haven’t seen the video. Well, you’ve probably got kid things to do. Go skip some rope or something.” It was a touching moment.

  3. Pupster says:

    Heh-heh-heh. ECC toasted.

    BACK ROW GUY, thanks for stopping by. I don’t trash can any comments unless it’s warranted, I’m kinda “comment needy” that way.

  4. amuirin says:

    I was pretty disappointed in it. Yup.

    Shrek III, I mean.

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