I’ve Never Been So Proud

Scene:  Mrs. Pupster sitting on floor, assembling an office chair; Pupster boy 2 (8 years old) watching cartoons; Pupster enters stage right

Mrs. Pupster(to Pupster) Honey?  Do you have a hammer?

Pupster Uh-huh, it’s…

Pupster boy 2(exagerated Pupster imitation) …in my PANTS!!


3 Responses to I’ve Never Been So Proud

  1. skinbad says:

    You’re raising him right.

  2. TattooedIntellectual says:

    My flatmates now want to know what I’m giggling at. Not sure they’re going to understand 🙂

  3. skinbad says:

    Estwing is a good hammer. Doggy has good taste. My eight-year-old girl made me proud last night. She told me she scored two touchdowns at recess. She said, “I toasted Trevor.”

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