Gaaah! There’s MUD on MY JEEP!

Friday and Saturday evening the entire Pupster Clan went Jeeping around a local reservoir.  We stayed on the paved roads, but still managed to pick up some of the local color on Charlie Wrangler. 

 What is this fresh hell?

Time for baby’s first bath.

After my first experience with taking down the top, I decided to scale back on the fresh air, and only removed the side and back windows.  Even though I was super careful (by Pupster standards) with the panels, two removals and re-installs have produced some scratches on the clear plastic. 


The owner’s manual has some WARNING!‘s about handling the clear plastic windows,  apparently they can be scratched by dust.  DUST!  Well ef-me.  I suppose I’m going to have to clean the damn plastic before removing it. 

While I was poking around the interwebs looking for Jeep information, I found Bestop, which sells their own aftermarket soft and hard tops and more importantly, a window storage duffel, which will probably be my first Jeep add-on.  Judging by the price of the bag, it’s made from genetically engineered fluffy bunny skins and kitten breath.  I’m OK with that.   


2 Responses to Gaaah! There’s MUD on MY JEEP!

  1. Pupster says:

    Scratch that. The first 2 Jeep customizations have already occured, I needed a hands-free cell phone interface, so I bought a Garmin Navigator with built in bluetooth. Very sweet. Then, on advice from a fellow Jeep owner, I purchased security lug nuts for the spare tire, which is mounted to the tailgate. It would still be pretty easy to steal if you wanted it bad enough.

  2. skinbad says:

    I have security lug nuts as well.


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