PUP My Ride 3 – Fate Takes a Hand, Doubles Down

May 1, 2007

The vehicle I’ve been pining away for is the most impractical and unprofessional of the group, has the worst reliability rating, and owns the poor resale value category.  I just wanted it, but I could not justify buying it.

Fate stepped in two days ago, when my boss and I were walking to our cars after work.  Someone driving “one of those” was parked next to the building, and my boss asked if I had checked the new ones out. 

When I shared my thoughts he stopped in his tracks, turned and said,”Pupster, it’s your car.  Buy what you want, and screw the rest of that crap.  How much would it cost, outfitted the way you want it?” 

We talked over some numbers right there in the parking lot, and the next day we re-worked my employment contract to make it easier to pull the trigger on a new car.  He’s a good boss.  I’m very lucky.

The last day of the month is the best/worst time to buy a car, dealers want to make their numbers so you can sometimes get a bargain, but the salespersons also ratchet up the pressure to get you to sign before the close of business.  I made my offer, stood firm, and got the price I wanted.  I signed the paper. Read the rest of this entry »