10cc’s of Blog-juice…Stat!

Sorry folks, nothing to see here.  I’m turning 40 years old in 10 days, and I’m in a bit of a “I can’t believe this is my life at 40” funk…I don’t feel like reading or posting or commenting much. 



6 Responses to 10cc’s of Blog-juice…Stat!

  1. S. Weasel says:

    Forty wasn’t bad.

    I used to think “life begins at forty” was what fat, wrinkly old people told themselves so they wouldn’t cut their wrists for being such loser has-beens. Nah. What it means is you’ve kind of figured out how all life’s levers and knobs work and you’ve got enough money to deal with the ordinary crap life is likely to throw at you and you’ve gotten over a lot of the drama queen kid stuff. You’re finally in the ascendency over your parents, your body doesn’t hurt all that much yet and you can afford toys. The forties have been fun.

    Buy yourself something.

    Soon, I stare down the barrel of fifty. We shall see, we shall see.

  2. harrison says:

    I’ll be 47 this year.
    Shut up and get over it,punk.
    Oh, and get off my lawn.

  3. Pupster says:

    Still some drama-queen-kid-stuff going on here, Weasel, although I appreciate the sentiment.

    I am in the market for a mid-life crisis car… whatta ya think?

    *steps off lawn*

    *flips bird*

    *runs like hell*

  4. skinbad says:

    I have a general mistrust for all Chrysler related products, but a neighbor has a Commander and a co-worker has a Liberty and they both seem quite happy. I think they look pretty cool.

  5. skinbad says:

    “10cc’s of Blog-juice…Stat!”

    What Wonkette cries out at the moment of truth? Sorry. I’m over forty and should give up the seventh grade jokes at some point.

  6. geoff says:

    What Harrison said. ‘Cuz I also turn 47 this year – shortly after I join all the 22-year olds in grad school.

    Won’t that be sweet.

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