The View From My Window

GET DOWN!Someone has too much time on their hands.  Over the last few weeks, someone has been shooting my office building with a BB gun.  The landlord had reported the problem to the Police, who took a report. 

Last week, the shooter moved on to car windows in the parking lot, my bosses car was the first to get hit. The BB shattered his driver’s side window.  The Police were called out again, and they took a report.  The responding officer seemed to think my boss had pissed someone off. 

Another car window was shot out after the Police left.  When they responded to the call again, they started knocking on doors.  Across the street in an apartment building they found a 19 year old kid smoking dope.  Apparently he stays home all day while his mom works, and he was bored.  The cops didn’t arrest him, but they put the fear of God in him, and no more shots have been fired at our building.   


5 Responses to The View From My Window

  1. skinbad says:

    With a $500 deductible on my cars, I would have wanted that kid working my bill off. That kind of crap puts me on a slow burn. Windshields/windows are not cheap.

  2. Pupster says:

    This kid was so stoned he actually opened the door when they knocked. The Police stopped searching for the BB gun when the found the bong and bag ‘o weed.

    That’s why they call it dope, son.

  3. Lipstick says:

    Why didn’t they arrest him for the pot?

  4. Mrs. Pupster says:

    Let me know if he starts up again. . .we have BB guns, too, you know.

  5. Pupster says:


    I only guessing, but I think the amount was not worth the paperwork…but it was enough to use as an (empty) threat on him and his mom…as in “if one more BB is fired across the street, I swear on all that is holy (dramatic pause) I’m coming back with felony possession and criminal damaging warrants, and you are GOING TO JAIL, son. Have I made myself clear?” /cop

    Mrs. Pupster is out for vengeance. That’s so sweet.

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