Pupster – The Chart VIII

I find it hard to believe I can change from 27% body fat last week, to 30% body fat percentage this week.  Screw the Navy Circumference chart.  Goddammit.

Mrs. Pupster purchased a new digital scale, and I like its reading better than the scale I had been using.  I’ll keep using the “old” analog scale for the duration of the contest…even though the new one reads about 5 pounds lighter and tells me I’m handsome in that Rosie the robot-maid voice. 

Date Body Fat % Weight Diet Cheats Walks this week
1/2/07 33 225 ~ ~
1/7/07 33 220 1 3
1/14/07 33 217 3 1
1/22/07 30 210 2 0
1/28/07 30 210 4 0
2/4/07 30 210ish 10 0
2/11/07 27 208 0 0
2/19/07 30 210 3 0

DaveinTexas and Geoff have not updated their “contest” pages in a few weeks, and Enas Yorl has deleted his altogether.  Does that mean I win?  woohoo.


6 Responses to Pupster – The Chart VIII

  1. skinbad says:

    Now I’m trying to say this in an affectionate and respectful way: your walks per week column is flat out embarrassing. You’ve got a big, damn, bored dog and you need to walk 30 minutes a day. 2 + 2, dude.

    Not meaning to sound like a nag. My dog’s woeful eyes get me off my ass at least two or three times a week, so it kind of works for me.

  2. Pupster says:

    I meant to put an * in the walks column and explain how I shoveled a lot of snow this week, but my measurements and the scale tell the sad truth.

    I know, I know. *sigh* The vet said the dog needs to lose weight too.

  3. Mr Minority says:

    Hang in there buddy. Soon the snow will melt, the sun will shine and you will be itching to be outside walking.

  4. Elzbth says:

    You know, Pupster, I think you’re just bloated. That’s just water weight. It happens. Usually about once a month.

  5. Pupster says:

    *crying jag*

    Hold me.

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