Pupster – The Chart VII

You the boss…boss… 

The skinny-ass Pupster express is back on track after two weeks of drinkin’ and cheatin’ and country music singing.  The scale went from 208 to 211 and flirted with 212,  but a lucky bout with a stomach flu left me nauseous for two days and I’ve had no appetite, really, for a week.  

The Navy Chart  seems to work in 3% increments, and a change of 2 inches around my abdomen along with a 2 pound drop in weight moves me to 27% body fat.    

 The competition, DaveinTexas, Geoff, and Enas Yorl could use some encouragement. If I thought anyone actually read this crap blog, I would ask them to visit the boys and cheer for ’em a little.

No comments for 6 days means Pupster is a bad dog

*sad puppy eyes*

Where did everyone go?

Date Body Fat % Weight Diet Cheats Walks this week
1/2/07 33 225 ~ ~
1/7/07 33 220 1 3
1/14/07 33 217 3 1
1/22/07 30 210 2 0
1/28/07 30 210 4 0
2/4/07 30 210ish 10 0
2/11/07 27 208 0 0

5 Responses to Pupster – The Chart VII

  1. S. Weasel says:

    Hey, I read. Sadly, they’ve blocked YouTube at work and my desktop machine at home has blown out its sound card, so big swathes of the blogosphere are restful white space to me now.

    17 pounds in under six weeks. Not too shabby, Fido.

  2. Pupster says:

    Thanks Weasel.

    I’ll start describing the youtubes just for you after the folds.

    According to the wordpress over-lords, there are 4 new video embed sources,

    I’ll look for some weasel-iscious new content.

    First glance at all 4 sites did not look promising, though.

  3. Dave in Texas says:

    Have a bowl of ice cream or two. And some cookies.

    You’ll feel better.

  4. Pupster says:

    I don’t miss sweets; I mostly miss cereal and milk.

    And sandwiches.

    And pasta.

    And pizza.

    And fruit juice.

    And booze.

    Mostly just booze.

  5. Enas Yorl says:

    Well then have a pizza and a beer! You’ll enjoy it and not feel the least bit guilty. I promise.

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