Silverchair – Tomorrow

Cool song, freaky video.

Lyrics after the fold

It’s twelve o’clock, and it’s a wonderful day.
I know you hate me, but I’ll ask anyway.
Won’t you come with me, to a place in a little town.
The only way to get there’s to go straight down.
There’s no bathroom, and there is no sink.
The water out of the tap is very, hard to drink,
Very hard to drink.

You, wait ’til tomorrow
You, wait ’til tomorrow

You say that money, isn’t everything,
But I’d like to see you live without it.
You think you can keep on going living like a king.
Oohh babe, but I strongly doubt it.

Very hard to drink.

You gonna wait ’til, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait until tomorrow


4 Responses to Silverchair – Tomorrow

  1. kevlarchick says:

    I remember these boys–I think they were teenagers when they cut this song. Australian?

  2. Pupster says:

    I don’t know KC. I never watch VH-1 or MTV, I just hear a song I like on the radio, google whatever part of the lyrics I remember, cut and paste in a youtube search and viola, pupster blog filler.

  3. kevlarchick says:

    Cut and paste, eh? True blogger you are.

  4. Pupster says:

    Yeah, I realized pretty early on that I don’t have the chops to be a “true” blogger, I’m more of a diarist. With music videos.

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