Weekend at the Water Park

Pupster boy 1’s 11th birthday was January 28th, and his fondest wish for the last two years has been a visit to a water park (Aquarius, big time water baby) .  Last year we drove 2 hours to Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio.   It was a pretty awesome place…expensive, but we all had a lot of fun. 

This year, a “new” water park opened up at a nearby Holiday Inn about 30 minutes away.   Fort Rapids  is a western-themed indoor water park resort in Columbus, Ohio.  The Holiday Inn is probably 35-40 years old, but was renovated along with the addition of the water park, restaurant, luxury suites and meeting rooms. 

Fort Rapids

cow potty

The renovations to the hotel were primarily aesthetic, new paint, carpet, and wall paper.  The doors, tub, and fixtures were what you would expect in an older Holiday Inn.  There are many murals of old west towns painted on the walls in the common areas, and lots of leather  and rough-hewn timbers for effect.  I like a theme taken all the way as much as the next cowboy, but I thought the wallpaper in our bathroom may have been overboard. 


Tubby needs a drinkThe water park was very nice;  clean, well designed, lots of neat stuff for the kids.  The staff was excellent;  very friendly and helpful.  The park was not crowded on Friday night or Saturday morning, no long waits for water slides or the restaurant.  The only bottleneck was the elevators, only 3 cars for 12 floors. 

 I kept up with Pupster boy 1 as long as I could on my bum ankle, but after a few hours I had to let him go on his own.  I stuck around within visual range, and noticed a strange and sad new development.  When he and I were together, we moved around a lot, from the slides to the playground to the lazy river to the water basketball courts.Not a Whitesnake Album Cover 

When I turned him loose, he just wanted to hang out in a pool with giant floating rafts.   It took me a while to realize…Pupster boy 1 likes to look at girls.  Girls, in bikinis, who climb on giant floating snakes.  

*sigh*  I’m not ready to have “the talk” yet.  Maybe some soy milk and tea tree oil would slow things down a bit? 


3 Responses to Weekend at the Water Park

  1. skinbad says:

    I was probably 10 and my brother was 12 one summer day when we were killing time at my uncle’s pool. He owned a motel in SLC. There were two BEAUTIFUL (pardon my Pintoese) young ladies (20ish) in bikinis rubbing on the baby oil and working on their skin cancer. Every so often, they would walk the length of the pool to get to the diving board, dive in, swim to the shallow end, climb out and resume their baking.

    I had a pair of goggles. I soon found out that if I held my breath and went under when they were in the air coming off the board, I could observe the shifting bikini fabric and the necessary adjustments the ladies would make before surfacing.

    It didn’t take my older brother very long to figure out I was diving every time the ladies did and I had to give him the goggles for every other dive or get the crap kicked out of me. If you had to choose a day to live over again, that wouldn’t be a bad one.

  2. Pupster says:

    I’m just used to Pupster boy 1 thinking girls were icky. Things change.

  3. Rev. Bill says:

    Get use to it dad. Pupster boy number one is going to have girls hanging all over him, (Edited by Pupster) girls can be like that!

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