Pupster – The Chart V

 Pupster put the diet contest in cruise control this week, DaveinTexas, Geoff, and Enas Yorl have failed to apply much pressure to keep the contest tight. 

There was no change in my weight or measurements from last week, so the Navy Chart  can kiss my fuzzy tail-wagging bottom.  

Date Body Fat % Weight Diet Cheats Walks this week
1/2/07 33 225 ~ ~
1/7/07 33 220 1 3
1/14/07 33 217 3 1
1/22/07 30 210 2 0
1/28/07 30 210 4* 0**

*Went over my carb limit on four occasions (I think), going out to eat and having drinks with dinner has flat-lined my progress.  

**Swear to God I’m going to have to start walking.  The ankle is healed up enough where I have no excuse. 


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