Pupster Truckster

Mrs. Pupster recently expressed interest in a used Buick Roadmaster station wagon, which is parked a few blocks away with a for sale sign in the window.  I’m pretty nostalgic for big station wagons, but I don’t like the looks of the Roadmaster.  Mrs. Pupster started poking around the intertubes, looking at used station wagons, and she came up with this little gem:

Its hip to be a square

Unique Vehicle, over 19 feet long 5000 lbs of classic American Beauty.

Hubba hubba. 

It has a 351 CI Cleveland eng and 3- speed automatic transmission.

Vroom vroom.

It has a 3-way tailgate, swing open or fold down and fold down facing 3rd row seating for a total of up to 10 passengers. Middle seat also folds down for hauling big loads.

Road trip.  Tailgate.  Imagine the possibilities.  I suppose it belonged to a little old lady who only drove it to church and the grocery store, right?

…I bought this 2 years ago with 15,000 mi and drove it as a daily driver for 2 years and it now has just over 22,000 mi. 

…This car was originally owned by a Goodyear employee for his wife, the wife died in 1979 and the car was kept in storage for 20 years before the 2nd owner bought with 6000 mi and restored it adding the dual exh, dark tint glass, 17′-custom rims and Goodyear eagle GTs. I am the 4th owner and put more miles on in it in 2 years than anyone had before.

I’ll admit it…I want this car.  Don’t need it, want it.  I grew up in gigantic station wagons like this,  and a big part of me wants to cruise this bad boy up and down the interstate just for the hell of it.  Put the kids in the way-back,  they will have to send a text message to get a rest stop.   I know it’s not practical, but dammit, I want to be impractical.  Don’t these people look happy?

Wonder wagon


12 Responses to Pupster Truckster

  1. Michael says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip. I just bought that car. You should not have shown me a picture with the Ohio plate showing.

    Let me know if you want to negotiate.

  2. Pupster says:

    You don’t fool me Michael. Your HOA would have you evicted if you parked that thing in your cul de sac.

    A 1978 station wagon in your neighborhood had better be full of hardworking brown people on their way to pull the weeds americans won’t pull anymore.

    I’ll bet the pool boy drives a Volvo.

  3. geoff says:

    Reminds me of the Chrysler Town and Country that our family used to tool around in. What a beast.

    When I went to college my grandparents gave me their Plymouth Fury II. What a machine!!

    Love those old big cars.

  4. kevlarchick says:

    We used to call those “land yachts.” And we had several over the years. My dad always bought station wagon. He still has one.

  5. BrewFan says:

    That is one sweet vehicle. As a kid you had to sit in the ‘way back’, watching where you came from, getting a little car sick. Ah, the good ol’ days.

  6. Enas Yorl says:

    My parents had a station wagon too. It was fun rolling around in the back section while on road trips. Seat belts? Those were those annoying things that got in the way, and the buckles got hot in the summer. What was the deal with the wood paneling on the side?

  7. geoff says:

    I put a comment in, but I think Akismet ate it.

  8. Pupster says:

    I fished it out for ya.

  9. skinbad says:

    We had quite a few monster station wagons back in the ‘hood. My dad was an AMC man. Rambler for mom and a Wagoneer for him. Though there was that unfortunate Pacer wagon time that I’d rather not talk about. That lead to a few fights. I had to keep kids from mocking my mom’s rolling fishbowl.

  10. Mr Minority says:

    My Dad owned that exact vehicle (same year and model, only it was Tan colored). And I made many of road trips between LA and Phoenix in the back of that thing. Smooth ride, fast, and great air condition. Buy it if you can, they are classics (plus then we can make fun of you as you travel to Wally World, Pupster Griswald).

  11. mesablue says:

    I road all the way to FL and back (from Chicago)in the back of a Ford station wagon with the fake wood on the sides when I was a kid.

    The ride back kinda sucked because my sister packed a bunch of clams (she wanted some sea shells) in with her luggage and they really started to stink after a few days in the hot sun with no air conditioning — gotta save gas, you know.

  12. mesablue says:


    Even though it was on the road.

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