BrewFan – TV Star

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14 Responses to BrewFan – TV Star

  1. skinbad says:

    Dorf goes fishing. Damn, that’s funny. That’s about how I fish. I don’t go very often.

  2. Lipstick says:

    Oh my. That’s hilarious!

    And this guy is supposed to be some kind of expert?

  3. I think that’s Bill Dance. He actually has a pretty good fishing show but those are all the outtakes.
    Mrs. Geezer watches him more than I do.

    We’re gonna get into fishing this year, now that I’m retired again.

  4. BrewFan says:

    Bill Dance is my man!

  5. Michael says:

    Yup, that’s our Brewfan!

  6. skinbad says:

    I didn’t know a rod had “gaahhhds.” Now I know how Dave talks.

  7. daveintexas says:

    I did not want to tell this anecdote. And yet I will.

    Fishing trips with Father were miserable affairs. He loved to fish. Me, not so much.

    We traveled to Lake Ray Hubbard on an August afternoon.

    August. Texas. 101.

    We sat in that damned boat for 3 hours (I was 15). I’m sure I bitched about it the whole time. I was an ungrateful sop. Heat. No fish. Misery.

    I must have complained until dad finally said “eff it” and we went back to the marina.

    He jumped into the station wagon, and backed it down the ramp. I remember the tailpipe of our 1973 Plymouth Fury station wagon (with wood on the sides) bubbling in the water.

    And he jumped out of the car. And the door closed behind him.


    We reeled the boat in, and he went back to the car, and he got this look.

    Hard to describe that look. Half pissed off, half afraid something bad has happened.

    Every window was up. Every door was locked. He couldn’t even trip the hood latch, it was one of those “newfangled” releases under the dashboard. So we couldn’t shut off the engine.

    Two guys in a boat have pulled up and are just watching.

    We are miles from any help, marina is closed. Dad, the engineer, and the man, decides calmly he’s just gonna have to break a window.

    So he picks up a chunk of concrete about the size of a softball, selects the drivers side window behind the driver, and goes into his wind up. Dad used to play baseball and his left was still pretty good back then.

    The rock bounces off the glass. He looks in disbelief. “Did I hit it”? He looks closely and sees the scratch. “I did hit it”.

    But the glass did not yield. He tried every effin glass on that car.. nothing broke.

    Now one of the fellows in the boat has walked up, and asks dad if he could use some help.

    Another expression is displayed, one that is also hard to describe.

    Dad says “I locked my keys in the car”.

    Guy says “well, if we had a coat hanger, I might be able to pop that lock”.

    Dad’s next expression is a combination of “you mutha***in son of a *@#^$, if I had a coat hanger don’t you think I would have used it by now”? and sheer disbelief.

    Dad says “I don’t have one”.

    The guy goes over to his tackle box, produces a coat hanger, and pops the lock.

    Imagine dad’s expression now. Think “very tight jaw”.

    Dad says “can I pay you for your trouble”?

    Guy answers “oh no, I’ve been paid”.

    I pretended to be asleep the whole drive home.

  8. cranky says:

    That’s hilarious. All those broken rods though!

  9. skinbad says:

    Great story Dave. You should get a recording of your dad telling it (if you haven’t).

  10. lauraw says:

    That’s pretty funny.
    Do I get to cuddle the puppies in the masthead now?

  11. Pupster says:

    I thought you were a kitty person lauraw…

    Cuddle away my fine internet friend.

  12. lauraw says:

    Used to be, but now I’m allergic to cats and I love dogs.

  13. mesablue says:


    That was hilarious. I thought it might be fake when it got to the part with the snake. Better to know that it’s all real. Too funny.

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