Pupster – The Chart III

The contest continues to reduce body fat % between Pupster, DaveinTexas, Geoff, and Enas Yorl.

I see movement on the scale, and there is less distance around my neck and navel than last week, but not enough to impress the Navy Chart .  I need to take more walks.

Date Body Fat % Weight Diet Cheats Walks this week
1/2/07 33 225 ~ ~
1/7/07 33 220 One handful of Reece’s Pieces 3
1/14/07 33 217 3* 1**

*1- Drank bourbon while I watched the OSU/Florida game. (Not enough.)

2- Skipped breakfast twice.

3- Ate a few Carb Well meal replacement bars.

** I suck at exercising. 


2 Responses to Pupster – The Chart III

  1. geoff says:

    I fell off the wagon as well. Went to the hockey game and…well…yaknow…

    But after a miserable beginning of the week, I managed to come back and stay even by the end of the week. I’m declaring that a victory for this week.

  2. Pupster says:

    Yeah, well…it’s a marathon, not a sprint, eh?

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