Ankle Update – I’m Out of Vicodin, Dammit!

It looks worse than it feels, but it feels pretty bad.  Gruesome picture after the fold, not for the squeamish.  You’ve been warned.


I wear an air cast all day, and it seems to push the bruises up my leg and down to my toes.  Weird.


16 Responses to Ankle Update – I’m Out of Vicodin, Dammit!

  1. Enas Yorl says:

    Yeesh! Looks like a still from the movie “Saw”.

  2. geoff says:

    Nasty. Don’t try to push it too hard. I’ll spot you 5%.

  3. geoff says:

    Though I should say that my recent series of all-nighters led to late night munching which has back-slid me into re-gaining my 3 pounds. Gotta lose it again by Sunday. Of course we’re getting another big snow storm and temperatures are dropping down to the single-digits over the weekend, so nice walks and gratuitous trips to the 24 Hour Fitness are likely to be scarce.

  4. Pupster says:

    I never saw Saw. If I ever see Saw, I’ll have a better frame of reference.

    Injuries are part of “the game”. The ankle is sore and tender, but I am still able to walk on it. I’ve been taking brisk walks around the house for 30 minutes, so I can still stick to the original plan: five 30 minute walks a week.

    I’m actually a little jealous Geoff, shoveling show is better exercise than walking, and more interesting as well.

  5. geoff says:

    This will be the 4th big snowstorm in 5 weeks. Shoveling snow has long since gotten old. But it is decent exercise as long as you don’t slip on something.

  6. Mr Minority says:

    Shoveling snow has long since gotten old.

    And that sir is why I moved from Colo. Springs to Texas!

  7. skinbad says:

    Do they still do “stress x-rays?” I had a bad sprain in high school and the doctor put me on the table with the x-ray machine above the ankle. He’s kind of holding the foot and moving things gently and talking to me, then he suddenly CRANKS on the ankle all the way by bending the foot in as far as it will go and snaps the x-ray. I levitated about 2 feet off the table. If I would have known what he was planning to do, I would have killed him with my car keys to prevent it.

    Looks nasty. In my PT class, we were taught to do alternating hot and cold soaks (at this stage) to make the blood vessels “pump” the fluid out. Athletic tape did the same thing the air cast is doing. It squoze the blood up and down. Heal up soon.

  8. Pupster says:

    My cheap ass insurance provider combined with cafeteria style urgent care center ($20 bucks cheaper than the emergency room) did not do a stress x-ray.

    I’ve wrecked both my ankles at various times in my life, and I’ve never had an x-ray like you describe. Sounds like your Doctor was a sadist. Or he is just a good man. And thorough.

  9. BrewFan says:

    …he suddenly CRANKS on the ankle all the way …


  10. composmentis says:

    If I ever see Saw

    Dude, you’re a bit too old for that, and apparently too fat as well 🙂

    I’ve screwed up both my ankles as well. The first time I twisted my left, all I could see was a really bright flash of light followed by stars.

    Every time I see someone else do it, especially on TV, I wince. My wife thinks I’m nuts.

    Here’s to you healing up perfectly and soon amigo!

  11. Elzbth says:

    You shouldn’t see Saw with that ankle. Poor Pup. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Those are pretty colors.

    I can spot you about 15 tabs dude… I quit taking mine sooner than they spected.

  13. BrewFan says:

    Every time I see someone else do it, especially on TV I wince

    Me too. I refuse to watch the slow-motion ‘injury replays’. I was playing touch football with some guys from church once and I stepped in a gopher hole. As I was falling down I saw my foot at a very unnatural angle. When I hit the ground the ankle actually popped back into place but the ligament damage was already done. That was the last time I wanted to see broken/dislocated body parts!

  14. Pupster says:

    Oh man, those injury replays just kill me. I’ll change the channel if I can, if I’m in a Sports Bar or someone else’s house I’ll RUN AWAY from the video and audio.

    Thanks everybody for the well wishing, I can walk without much of a limp, up and down stairs are tricky but other than that you can’t really tell.

    Dave, you keep those extra Vicodins for the humiliation and pain of defeat in the contest. (Thanks man, really.)

  15. skinbad says:

    Injury replays:

    All you need to say is “Theismann.”


    Shudder some more.

  16. Lipstick says:

    Hope you feel better, Pups.

    All this talk of ankle injury reminds me of when I sprained mine stepping off a curb. I felt a strong surge of nausea and almost “fertilized” a neighbor’s garden.

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