Pupster – The Chart II

The race to reduce body fat % is on between Pupster, DaveinTexas, Geoff, and Enas Yorl.   

The scale says I’ve lost 5 pounds, but the damn Navy Chart says big f’n deal, you still have 33% body fat.

Date Body Fat % Weight Diet Cheats Walks this week
1/2/07 33 225 ~ ~
1/7/07 33 220 One handful of Reece’s Pieces* 3

* My son, god bless him, emptied out a bag of Reece’s Pieces into a bowl and left it sitting on the counter.  Without even thinking about it, I reached in as I walked by and grabbed a handful and shoved them down my pie hole.  Other than that, I have ingested no carbs for 6 days. 


8 Responses to Pupster – The Chart II

  1. geoff says:

    but the damn Navy Chart says big f’n deal, you still have 33% body fat.

    I didn’t see any change either, but I wouldn’t sweat it. My wife and I have noticed a week lag between a change in diet and the resultant body change. That’s why when you start porking out, you skate for the better part of a week, fooling yourself into thinking that it’s OK. Plus the body fat% curve seems pretty flat out where we are, meaning that it’ll take large changes in dimensions to see any significant change in body fat.

    Hang in there. Tie-breaker is pounds lost, and you’re in the lead there.

  2. Chain smoking will help with the weight loss too. I find Crack works better than cigs. Don’t worry about your teeth. They can do amazing things in the area of oral surgery these days.

  3. kevlarchick says:

    Whatever you do Pups, don’t quit carbs and smokes simultaneously. Talk about being cranky.

    I work with a guy who quit smoking. A few weeks later his wife asks: “will smoking make you less of a dickhead? If so, please take it up again.”

  4. Dave in Texas says:

    A man goes to his doctor for a physical. After running all the tests he comes back for the doc’s evaluation, and the doc pronounces him fit for a man his age.

    Guy: “My age? But how long will I live doctor”?

    Doc: “Well, there are of course no guarantees in life, but you are in good health”.

    Guy: “You can’t give me an estimate? A range”?

    Doc: “well, not really no. but you are healthy”.

    Guy: “Just a guess, please”.

    Doctor sighs, then looks him in the eye, “Look, do you like red meat? A steak, maybe a Porterhouse, or a tenderloin from time to time”?

    Guy: “I try to stay away from red meat”.

    Doc: “What about desserts. Chocolate for example. A big slice of chocolate fudge cake and vanilla ice cream”?

    Guy: “Goodness no, that can’t be good for you”.

    Doc: “You have hobbies? Bike riding, mountain climbing, skiing”?

    Guy: “Those sound dangerous to me”.

    Doc: “Do you have an occasional drink? Perhaps a nice merlot, or a single malt whiskey”?

    Guy: “I avoid alcohol”.

    Doc: “Do you have a girlfriend? A love interest? Someone you can take out on a Friday night and wind up spending the whole weekend in a frenzy of passion and physical delights”?

    Guy: “I don’t really get out much, no”.

    Doc: “But you want to know how long you’re gonna live”?

    Guy: “Yes, yes I do”.

    Doc: “Why the hell do you care”?

  5. Pupster says:

    Thanks friends, I appreciate the…uh…support.

    I’m trying to be my normal even keeled happy go lucky self, but this diet puts me on edge.

    No booze and no carbs make Pupster something something.

  6. Michael says:

    You really need to try Michael’s Patented Health Regimen™, based on Jack Daniels, Marlboro Lights, and one-handed exercise. I a prepared to sell the full details to you for a nominal fee of $5,000, if you accept my offer in two days. Don’t be cheap, your life is at stake.

  7. Mr Minority says:

    I have lost 10 lbs and haven’t had a cigarette in 4 days!

    But I don’t suggest you get the flu just to lose weight and quit smoking, it’s a veeeeeeeeeeeery miserable way of do it.

  8. Pupster says:

    Good to see you up and blogging Mr. M., hope you are feeling better.

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