Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Rip Off III

January 4, 2007

Tackle (the family dog) has a conversation with Sandy the Roomba.

Sandy – You sure do leave a lot of hair on the floor.

Tackle –

Sandy – And dog food, too.

Tackle – Who the hell do you think YOU are?

Sandy – I’m Mrs. Pupster’s Christmas Present.

Tackle – That doesn’t mean JACK in this pack.  Pupster’s Alpha pack leader, I’m next in line.  You’re somewhere between the X-Box 360 and the washing machine.

Sandy – Isn’t Mrs. Pupster second in command?

Tackle – Are you kidding?  Have you seen the way she loves on me and grooms me?  Brings me food and puts ice cubes in my water bowl?  She’s Omega.   I might let her be Alpha female, once I make my move.

Sandy – Make your move?

Tackle – Don’t you know anything?   To keep the pack strong, the Beta male has to challenge the Alpha at the first sign of weakness. 

*Pupster moves from stage right to stage left, limping heavily and muttering under his breath* 

 Thick as thieves

Tackle – Won’t be long now. 

Sandy –

Tackle – Look, you’ll be fine, everyone will move up a spot, including you.  But, you better keep your eye on the mop, he’s gunning for you.