Pupster – The Chart

Date Body Fat Weight Major Injuries Days on Atkins
1/2/07 33% 225 1 1

Thanks to Geoff for the above graphic.

Here is the body fat calculator,  where after I enter my measurements it reads:

The Bodyfat Percentage (BF%) of a 68 inch male with a 16.5 inch neck, and a 44.3 inch abdomen is 33% Recommended BF% for a man is 15%. May God have mercy on your soul.

Okay, I added the last part.


10 Responses to Pupster – The Chart

  1. Enas Yorl says:

    So, is it too late for me to get in on this action? I have much flabbage to lose and I could use the extra motivation.

  2. geoff says:

    Never too late, Enas. But as you might expect this is not the most gentle, nurturing, mutual support group one could find. It’s more like the smack-talking, fat-belittling support group.

  3. Pupster says:

    You understand the stakes Enas? You are arrayed against Geoff, DaveinTexas and Pupster (I think Geoff and Mrs. Peel have a side bet, not sure about that one).

    Last place produces embarrassing photo-shop of him/herself with Helen Thomas /Ted Kennedy to be posted as the blog banner at all participating sites for 1 week.

    2nd to last place is under review; so far it is $50 to Ace’s Vodka Fund.

    Using the Navy Formula, largest change in body fat % wins.

    Deadline is March 17th, 2007 (St. Patrick’s Day) 5pm Mountain time.

  4. Pupster says:

    I’m also assuming you would rather not use your “real” picture when you lose, so I’m OK with your self portrait, but it must be tattooed on Ms. Thomas’ ample cleavage, or thighs. To scale of course.

  5. […] 3rd, 2007 I would like to help Pupster, Geoff, Dave in Texas, and Enas Yorl, all who claim they would like to lose weight. Here is some […]

  6. Enas Yorl says:

    All right you guys are on! I’ll post my stats on my page today.

  7. Pupster says:

    Cool Enas. I’m looking for some better ideas for 2nd and 3rd place “prizes”, any idears?

    pupstersez at yahoo dot com

  8. Elzbth says:

    Will there be a pool of some sort so that we can place bets?

  9. Pupster says:

    Oooh, good idea Elzbth.

  10. pool?

    *fires up the spa*

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