New Page – Fat Man Blogging *Updated*

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful

I’ve added a new page, Fat Man Blogging, where I list my new year’s resolutions; lose weight and quit smoking.  You can access it via my side bar under “Pages” , below the Blog Roll.

My plan is fairly simple, make some basic changes to my routine and hope for the best.  I’ll add updates to the page to track my progress over the next 6 months.

If any readers want to make a friendly wager as motivation to keep your and my resolutions, leave me a comment in this thread and we’ll see if we can come up with an agreeable set of parameters.  


Geoff of Uncommon Misconceptions is up to the challenge, Dave in
has agreed in principal, but has not acknowledged the stakes:
Last place produces embarrassing photo-shop of him/herself with Helen Thomas /Ted Kennedy to be posted as the blog banner at all participating sites for 1 week.2nd to last place is under review; so far it is $50 to Ace’s Vodka Fund.  Using the Navy Formula, largest change in body fat % wins.


17 Responses to New Page – Fat Man Blogging *Updated*

  1. Elzbth says:

    Awwww, but you are so cute in the above picture, with those puppy dog eyes, and that adorable little puppy dog face.

  2. geoff says:

    Bring it, Pupsta. It is so on. Suggestions back at the thread on my site.

  3. daveintexas says:

    Not bragging, cause Lord knows it took me a long time to get serious about it, fought it all my life.

    but I can tell you how to lose 87 pounds.

    If you’re interested.

    And since I’m still on the program, cause my target weight is about another 30, bring it on. You get coaching and challenging.

    Oh, the smoking thing? Take your next Marlboro light, and stick it in your eye.

    That one was free!

  4. geoff says:

    Ah geez – Dave’s a semi-pro now. I’ve got to really up my game.

  5. geoff says:

    All right, I’ve got a page called “Pedantic Poundage” up, showing my first measurement at 31% body fat. Eeyuck!

    Eat my dust, adipose boys!

  6. Pupster says:


    Dave, do tell…(me, not Geoff)

  7. geoff says:

    Oh, we better make sure Dave knows what’s at risk, here.

    Dave – loser has to make a photoshop of himself with Helen Thomas in a compromising position, said photoshop to posted as a banner at all participants’ sites for one week.

    If any ladies want in, I think a Ted Kennedy photoshop would be equivalent.

    Second place sends $50 to Ace. That’s kind of boring – maybe we should work on that one.

  8. Pupster says:

    2nd Place Loser posts “my most embarrassing moment” thread and keeps it bumped to the top for a week.
    2nd Place Loser purchases Pro or College Football Jersey of Winners choice, takes picture wearing same, posts as blog banner for a week (after H.Thomas posting of course.)

    Full disclosure, I’m a Steelers and Ohio State Fan.

  9. BrewFan says:

    I quit smoking in November of 2001 after smoking for many, many years. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and the only consequence was about a 20 lb. weight gain. I had always smoked about a pack a day so when I decided to quit I reduced my cigarette consumption by 1 cigarette per day. I made up a little spreadsheet to space them evenly out during my ‘awake’ time. My only rule was if I missed a smoke because of a meeting or something, there was no make up. On the day that I was down to 3 cigs I finished a pack and made up my mind not to get another. That was a Friday. The next day was the hardest but I stayed home and toughed it out. Long story short, I did it. The real bad cravings are gone in a day or two although the desire is always there.

    I really wish you the best of luck.

  10. S. Weasel says:

    I quit smoking very nearly ten years ago, cold turkey. I’m glad. I guess. I miss it every damn day of my life. It hurts like a phantom limb.

    Resolutions? Walk more. That’s about it. Considering I’m about as active as a lipoma, that shouldn’t be hard.

    Hey, Pupster…is this your one-year anniversary?

  11. Pupster says:

    Thanks man, I’m tackling the weight first, now that Geoff and maybe Dave in Texas are on board with serious consequences for failure.

    S. Weasel,
    I started an ill fated Blogspot account January 12th, 2006, then a WordPress blog September 4th, 2006.

    I was poking around on my dash board and discovered the “import” icon allowed me to transfer my Blogspot posts and comments to WordPress, which I did and then deleted the Blogspot account.

    So, yeah January 12th is my blogoversary I guess.

    Your description of quitting smoking is spot on, old chap. I’ve quit in the past for long periods of time, but the desire never goes away.

    *munches on celery stick*

  12. geoff says:

    You know, Pupster, it occurs to me that you’ve got it tougher than I do, what with the smoking cessation and all. So howzabout I spot you 3 points?

  13. Pupster says:

    My original goal is smoke free by June, so I’ll just concentrate on the weight loss up to St. Patrick’s Day, and then I’ll tackle tobacco.

    You’d best brush up on your photo-shop skills.

    *slathers peanut butter on celery stick*

  14. Mrs. Peel says:

    I still like geoff’s love story involving Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi idea. I say the winner has to write it, and the losers have to read it.

  15. skinbad says:

    *slathers peanut butter on celery stick*

    Keep your filthy euphemisms to yourself. Good luck with the program. I’ve got 20 pounds I don’t have any use for. I’m lucky to be 6’3″ so it’s stretched out somewhat. I also think everyone is getting fat at the same time I am. When I wore 34″ pants, I could find every other size but that. Same at 36″ and now at *cough* 38″. I’d join in the fun, but I really have no intention of changing my ways in the near future, so it would be pointless and I don’t want to give Ace $50.

  16. South Beach dude.

    I did that (started it) one year after I got off the smokes.

    I think quittin smoking is easier, your milage may vary.

    And I’m in. I plan to reach 170 by May

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