Bumped- Worlds Are Colliding! (Updated)

Substitute “real life Pupster” for “relationship George” and “fake internet Pupster” for “independent George“, and this video nails it. 

 George is gettin' UPSET HERE!

Mrs. Pupster, aka “Pretty Sleepy” has started a wordpress blog. 

As a consequence, I’ve begun drafting plans for a Sports Bar under my desk. 

*Update*-Mrs. Pupster let all her friends and family know about her blog, and due to the magic of blog rolls… Mother Pupster (aka Grandma Z) has made a comment on Pupster.   

Does it count as snark when it comes from your own mom?  FYI Grandma Z, NSFW means don’t click.  I mean it.


4 Responses to Bumped- Worlds Are Colliding! (Updated)

  1. Pupster, you will go to hell if you ban your own mother.

  2. Pupster says:


  3. kevlarchick says:

    I posted at PrettySleepy. Does that mean I can no longer post here? Am I cheating on you dude?

  4. Pupster says:

    No KC, it’s not like that.

    It’s just jarring to me, real world relationships intermingling with blogosphere stuff. That Seinfeld clip is the first thing I thought of, neurotic George trying to be different things for different audiences. I’m over it already.

    Happy New Year!

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