Elvis – Blue Christmas

Thanks to Hot Air, who tips Pupster to this site, 100 + Christmas Specials available on these here internets.

For your viewing pleasure, very-sweaty-but-not-yet-obese Elvis sings Blue Christmas, and skips a groove at about 1:32. 


4 Responses to Elvis – Blue Christmas

  1. Lipstick says:

    Boy this brings back memories.

    My family used to take a cruise every Christmas and my sister and I would bring along a tape of Elvis Christmas songs. We’d have the bartender at the pool bar play it as we sailed by tropical isles…


  2. Pupster says:

    Christmas cruise? That would be cool.

  3. Elzbth says:

    I remember Elvis for Christmas, though I was always on dry land for the holiday season. I also remember the Chipmunks. Bring on the Chipmunks.

  4. Lipstick says:

    Yeah Pups, Christmas cruises were great. I lived in CA and met the family in the Caribbean or some other tropical place and didn’t have to go back to snowy PA.

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