I Remember Feeling Like This…

…pretty much every Christmas morning until I was almost 10, then the toys made less of an impact and the church clothes took up a lot more space under the tree.

I asked Santa for an X-Box 360 this year, maybe I’ll feel like that kid once more.  I’ve been good, sorta…

Thanks to emtec, who I found while tag surfing youtube videos in wordpress.  Emtec is primarily in another language (Dutch?), and judging by the content I saw when I clicked on “home” (NSFW- giant vajayjay sculpture) over there, emtec is the dutch equivalent of WTF?


5 Responses to I Remember Feeling Like This…

  1. Mr Minority says:

    How cruel of those parents to forget the kid’s Ritalin. They need to be reported!

  2. S. Weasel says:

    That’s because when you’re six, it’s entirely possible to find the thing you want most in all the world under a tree. That’s a limited time offer.

    I’m pretty sure Santa’s not bringing me a zillion dollars and a magic bottle of scotch that makes me look 25 and live forever.

  3. daveintexas says:

    I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Down it goes, down into my belly!

  4. S. Weasel says:

    I just learned Sandy Claws isn’t bringing me a bottle of scotch this year, because I haven’t finished last year’s bottle yet. Drink quicker this year.

    Glenmorangie for me. Scotchy scotch scotch.

  5. Pupster says:

    Dave and Weasel,

    (That sounds like a wacky morning radio show)

    Do you guys have different setups for different scotch?

    I messed around with neat, rocks, water, soda, and decided rocks and water was the way for me. Any single malt, usually Glenfiddich.

    I switched to Vodka because Mrs. Pupster complained about the smell of scotch wafting out of my skin as my body processed it. (Same with bourbon.)

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