Exclusive Footage – Festivus Feats of Strength

In a Pupster exclusive, I am proud to open the next phase of the High Holy Festivus Holiday with actual footage of one of the rarest Feats of Strength ever recorded, consultant rassling. 

I don’t think he’s trying to get up.


9 Responses to Exclusive Footage – Festivus Feats of Strength

  1. composmentis says:

    Okay, wtf? Is that his sister? Otherwise, why wasn’t he licking her inner thighs instead of struggling?

  2. Michael says:

    My thought exactly, compos. It looks like the tongue thrust is the only effective move he has left. And he doesn’t have to be sober to execute this maneuver.

  3. skinbad says:

    Please don’t show me that at this point in time.


  4. Pupster says:

    skinbad…I’m torn. Would your video be a feat of strength or an airing of grievances?

  5. skinbad says:

    If that lady aired anything other than her grievances I would avert my eyes. I understand your confusion but I can’t help you. Maybe it’s a twofer.

  6. Dave in Texas says:

    PeeWee Herman meets George Foreman.

  7. composmentis says:

    I’ve seen that vid before skinny. She is whipping his ass but good. Guy’s gotta be wasted. It’s kinda funny, but it’s sad that those kids have to see and live that. Reminds me that, as “civilized” as we appear to be, the world is still a very harsh place.

  8. Mr Minority says:

    I have to admit, I wouldn’t struggle too much if I were that guy. And if I wanted her off of me, a little nip to the thigh would do it.

  9. Ander says:

    Let the airing of grievance begin. If you have never heard of Festivus check out http://www.whatisfestivus.com. There is a clip from the Seinfeld episode there.

    Happy Festivus!

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