Who is Pupster’s Bloggy-Daddy?

***UPDATE***I showed you mine, now show me yours!  Tell me how you started participating in the blog-o-sphere.  De-lurk yourselves.  I know you are out there, I obsess over my blog stats even more than Michael.  SPEAK! 

Shouldn't one nostril be bigger?S. Weasel has come up with a fitting graphic tribute to AoSHQ for us morons spawned from the ultimate moron-blog.  Nice work Weasel. 

I’ve written the condensed story of how I started reading Ace and ultimately started this site after the fold.   It’s not very interesting, so “Read the rest” at your own peril.


I starting reading Ace of Spades HQ when Ace was up for some award for the (NSFW)  Skank-O-Thon Post.  I think I was directed to the contest by Michelle Malkin, I don’t remember. 

I read that moron-blog religiously for a few days, after which I acquired the courage to submit a comment.  I’m pretty sure my first comment was inane and full of misspellings.  Not much has changed. 

I started to email Ace stories and tips, and I was thrilled… THRILLED to see “Thanks to Pupster”on the front page.  I still get a kick of it, but I may have sent one too many Pupster-centric stories, I’m not sure he reads my emails anymore.  (F’n Larwyn can kiss my fuzzy ass.) 

I started this blog so I could use the tips I would otherwise send to Ace or someone else, who may or may not use them.   

Also, I like having my own little doggy Avitar.   

Ace of Spades HQ is up for “Best Conservative Blog“, so go vote for it, slacker. 


31 Responses to Who is Pupster’s Bloggy-Daddy?

  1. Elzbth says:

    I’m the exception. I didn’t come to IB via AoSHQ. Does that make Michael my Blog Daddy?

  2. Pupster says:


    I don’t know…and I wouldn’t ask him either.

    Before I started reading Ace, I was reading Drudge and Michelle Malkin (no comments), Lucianne and LGF (comment registration closed)…Ace was the first site that made me think (God help us) maybe I could contribute to the blogoshere.

  3. skinbad says:

    So here’s my bloggy story. I used to read National Review quite a bit and started reading The Corner. One of those guys linked to Allahpundit (saying he was a genius) and I clicked and fell into the abyss. As Allah was winding down, Ace seemed to get going and it was the closest thing I found to Allah’s black-hearted comedy richness. Allah on Hotair is good, but Allah unchained was something else entirely. Oh ho! I don’t get the people with 20 blogs on their “Daily Read” list. Two or three that you try to keep up with is all I can handle. But I’m just a caveman.

  4. Mr Minority says:

    Since it is story telling time, here’s mine:

    I came to the AoS via the big bruhaha with Paul the Idiot at WizBang. I saw at Ace’s what I used to love at Micha’s Anti-Idiotarian Rottweller a couple of years ago. The camaraderie, the flaming and especially the wit and humor. From there I started visiting and commenting here and at other AoS MoronBloggers. I have a bunch of regulars that I read and comment on, and Pupster is one.

  5. kevlarchick says:

    I found Ace thru Malkin. But it was the Skank-a-thon that started the love affair for me. Priceless. And like Pups, I read lucianne and lgf, but no comment access for lowlifes like me. So I fit perfectly at Ace’s.

  6. daveintexas says:


    Pretty much my blog-story here. Michele gave me my first shot with my Crap Tree stories and blog-reporting about Katrina and Rita refugees. Later RWS gave me a weekend on her site, or something we’ve come to refer to as that wild drunken weekend in Nueva Laredo.

    That girl can par-tay!

    I met Frank J and his sweetie in Florida a couple of years ago. Then ace gave me the keys one weekend. Michael wisely decided to draft me in the 3rd round. He still hates it, we’re like Parcells and TO, we need each other and absolutely hate it. Heh heh.

    Beth at MVRW conspiracy gave me the keys to her place… I still have em, but I feel like my primary gigs should be IB and my moronblog. I forget who said it, but it’s kind of a community now, fake internet friends that I can scream at like a deranged baboon (see my best work yesterday over at IB). And commenting at AoS, which is still fun.

    I’m mostly being the class clown, which I’ve been most of my life, and I enjoy more than anything.

    I finally decided to start puttin my

  7. daveintexas says:

    well, that’s enough I guess. Always like to keep my audience rivited.

  8. Pupster says:

    Skinbad, Mr. Minority & Kevlarchick, thanks for sharing!

    I’ve updated the post to invite others to share their stories too.


  9. geoff says:

    I don’t get the people with 20 blogs on their “Daily Read” list.

    You were not brought upon this world to “get it,” Mr. Skinbad.

    I visit most of mine every day. People just don’t write enough fast enough.

  10. Pupster says:

    Thanks Daveintexas.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, if this is not too personal, what were you thinking when

  11. Mr Minority says:

    People just don’t write enough fast enough.

    The writing is easy, it’s shoving the piece of paper into the computer that is hard.

  12. Pupster says:

    Heh. I downloaded ieSpell, which is a free spell check program for Internet Explorer, and it tried to change “Daveintexas” to “Deviants”.

  13. Mr Minority says:

    …it tried to change “Daveintexas” to “Deviants”.

    They’re synonyms are they?

  14. Mr Minority says:

    PIMF, that should aren’t they

  15. daveintexas says:

    Deviance, ifn’ I had a c in my name.

    pups, not too personal at all. One of the things that has been loads of fun in my brief blogging career is all the back-channel communications from the girls. Man, I had no idea being a moron was attractive. Just the other day elzbth sent me a note that made me blush, particularly the

  16. Pupster says:

    *falls off edge of seat*

  17. skinbad says:

    Sorry Geoff. I should have said “People with gargantuan craniums who give away science books can easily read, memorize, and mentally index all blogs on their roll. AND of course, I’m just a caveman.” 🙂

    I should have probably also given a shoutout to Jack M. and allalongtheblogtower. As Ace got bigger, I commented less and found a cozier hangout. I still mostly read Ace but enjoy a smaller group. I wasted a fair amount of time there trying to figure out how far I could go in insulting Lauraw. Kidding. She’s a scream and has been for years. I did find her drunken poem though, and brought it back to the attack dogs at Aces, which I’m sure she appreciated. Jack kind of fizzled away but later gave it a second go with lettersfromdesolationrow. The old gang kind of gravitated there and folks like Michael and Brewfan and a lot of the IBers showed up. Jack died again, and Geezer started IB as a prank on Michael. That’s probably enough history. Unless Dave wants to tell the Alessandra story.

  18. BrewFan says:

    I started reading Best of the Web shortly after 9/11 and started checking out his blogroll which led me to lgf and Allahpundit. I have a login for commenting at lgf. Anybody want to buy it? 🙂 Anyhoo, Allahpundit was hilarious and I like the crowd that commented there but started gravitating toward Ace’s when Allahpundit started going on extended hiatus’. I hung out at Jack M.’s place but he went dark too. So, thinking I was the blogosphere equivalent to Typhoid Mary, I stuck mainly at Aces (the valu-rite seems to provide some immunity to the curse of the BrewFan). Once again, Jack M. broke my heart so I started BlogWisconsin and was happy to join with Michael (eat me raw, Michael) at IB. I’m like skinbad; I find it hard to follow too many closely but I like it here and at geoff’s and Geezers, and Mr. Minority, and Elzbth, and Compos, and Dave, and Sobek, and Hay Zeus, and Slublog, and … well as you can see I have no life and Mrs. BrewFan is thinking of hooking up with the pool boy.

  19. Elzbth says:

    Ah, Letters from Desolation Row. That’s the first blog I began reading, which I found because of “Iceland”. And that is also the first blog on which I commented. So I guess Jack M. is my blog daddy. Whoever, and wherever, he may be.

  20. Mr Minority says:

    I actually started reading blogs through Vox Days’ blog, I clicked on the link to Misha’s Anti-Idiotarian Rottweller and was hooked. Then I started my own blog back in 2004, and love the opportunity to express myself and my beliefs (the best part is ranting on the Left and Idiots). I read about 10 blogs a day but only comment on a few.

  21. S. Weasel says:

    I was really snobby about blogs. I’m old school; a lot of the things bloggers take credit for began with Usenet before the Web even existed. As I essentially *live* online, though, it was inevitable that I’d start reading blogs.

    I’ve forgotten how I stumbled over Ace’s, but it was just the right mix of decadence and conservatism for my taste. You know, whichever of the big blogs you read, you’re going to get the same news stories, so hang out where you feel comfortable.

    I started a blog this October because I was about to go on a trip. I travel a fair bit, but I’m always uptight about it. Playing with the buttons and knobs on WordPress was a welcome distraction (then my laptop died while I was sitting in the airport).

    I maintain several web pages for hobbies and stuff; it’s all I can do to squeeze out something new once a month or so. I’ll be amazed if I can keep up a blog pace.

  22. Pupster says:


    You need to lower your quality standards.

    If you keep posting well written, thoughtful commentary, with in-depth researched articles, original graphics and flash video presentations, you’ll burn yourself out.

    The LEAST you could do is suck ass a little more than my blog.


    PS- If you ask, Michael will write you a 2-3 step marketing strategy.

  23. geoff says:

    I started my blog because I was tired of having to re-publish info in comments, or search through comments trying to dig up old info, rather than simply referencing it on a blog. Plus I wanted to make lots of graphs and use graphics in my arguments, and get more indepth on some topics than commenting allows.

    It’s interesting that there has been a huge turnover in commenters at AoSHQ. A year ago the names were completely different than what you see today. Commenter burnout seems to be as common as blogger burnout.

  24. Elzbth says:

    There’s a marketing strategy? That sounds like work.

  25. Pupster says:

    Thanks Geoff.

    I noticed the same thing when I re-read the Skank-o-thon thread…who are these people?

  26. Pupster says:

    I’m sure he’d do the same for you Elzbth. It might involve nudity, but it would be a strategy nonetheless.

  27. daveintexas says:

    Debauchery is not a strategy.

    Except in Texas.

  28. Mr Minority says:

    Debauchery is not a strategy.

    Except in Texas.

    It’s taught along with Texas State history. And we have specific places to practice debauchery, they are called Ice Houses or Bars to you northerners.

  29. Elzbth says:

    So my marketing strategy would be to post a nude picture of Michael in a Texas bar. OK.

  30. daveintexas says:

    Sure, if your business plan called for instant bankruptcy.

    Otherwise, consider different nekkidity.

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