What Day Were You Born?

Patterico has a post where his daughter asked the question…he didn’t know. 

Commenter sharon notes that she knew the day of the week she was born, from the poem:

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go.
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

Commenter jimf posted a link to a pretty cool site:


Pick the year and country and the site shows the calendar.

Pupster is a Sabbath Day baby…fair and wise and good and SUPER! Thanks for asking (NTTAWWT).

(NSFW-language, lispy singing)


9 Responses to What Day Were You Born?

  1. Elzbth says:

    Well, I had to look it up, but it appears that I was born on Monday. That makes me fair of face. Eat your heart out.

  2. Pupster says:

    I never had any doubt.

  3. kevlarchick says:

    I’m a Sunday girl too pups. Not gay, however.

  4. S. Weasel says:

    Meh. Thursday. Far to go. And I’m so tired already.

    I knew that, though. My brother was a Sunday boy. Mama was always throwing that rhyme at us. I’ll get him one day. Oh, yes.

  5. Mr Minority says:

    Wednesday? I am not ‘full of woe’!! I am full of crap!
    Stupid kid’s rhyme! Bah-Humbug!!

  6. Dave in Texas says:


    I’m 47 years old. I didn’t know that until now.

    I’m not full of woe.

    Piss and vinegar, my friends tell me.

  7. Lipstick says:


    I’ll choose to believe that means “You’re going far, baby!” or

    “You’ll live a long time!”

  8. BrewFan says:

    Another Thursday, here. And, Mrs. BrewFan was a Thursday. I’m going to see if I can use this knowledge to ‘get lucky’.

  9. Fly on the wall at Brewfans says:

    I’m outa here.

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