Pupster’s Parenting Tips – Part 1

Housebreaking:  It’s important to provide praise for sucessful performance of the desired behavior…

even if the only time they EVER FLUSH THE ‘EFFIN TOILET IS WHEN YOU’RE IN THE DAMN SHOWER…always praise the correct execution of procedure.


6 Responses to Pupster’s Parenting Tips – Part 1

  1. skinbad says:

    Let me know when it sinks in for you. I’m guessing early teens.

  2. S. Weasel says:

    Speaking of flushing (okay, that was a week segue, but it was the closest thing to a topic I could find), does anyone know what happened to Dave at Garfield Ridge? He’s now totally blogocided and wiped everything but his header. He even took down his farewell post.

    I know how to take “bugger off” for an answer, but…you just feel like you ought to check on people, somehow.

  3. Pupster says:

    I always flush. Hell, I pre-flush and post flush. I like fresh water in my bowl.

    S.Weasel, check again….HE’S BAA-AACK!

  4. skinbad says:

    Pup–didn’t mean you aren’t fully housebroken. I have faith in you. Based on my experience, I meant your kids might consistently leave a clean bowl for you by the time girls start looking interesting to them.

  5. Pupster says:

    I know you did skinny, but the water bowl joke worked better (I thought)if I acted a bit obtuse and defensive.

    (It was an act this time.)

  6. Dave in Texas says:


    I recommend bricks.

    Hard. Rectangular. Red bricks.

    Perfect for housetraining that troublesome new puppy. And when you want to send your neighbor a message he’s sure to read, wrap it around a Red Brick™ and chuck it through the window.

    You will get his attention and how!

    * text from a radio commercial I created and submitted for my TV/Radio/Film production class in 1980.

    You should have heard the campy music. It was beeyooteeful.

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