Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

December 30, 2006

I didn’t mean to call you that. (Beeped, SFW I guess.)

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Bumped- Worlds Are Colliding! (Updated)

December 29, 2006

Substitute “real life Pupster” for “relationship George” and “fake internet Pupster” for “independent George“, and this video nails it. 

 George is gettin' UPSET HERE!

Mrs. Pupster, aka “Pretty Sleepy” has started a wordpress blog. 

As a consequence, I’ve begun drafting plans for a Sports Bar under my desk. 

*Update*-Mrs. Pupster let all her friends and family know about her blog, and due to the magic of blog rolls… Mother Pupster (aka Grandma Z) has made a comment on Pupster.   

Does it count as snark when it comes from your own mom?  FYI Grandma Z, NSFW means don’t click.  I mean it.

The Cat Came Back

December 28, 2006

The always erudite Christopher Taylor posted a link to City Rag, where the top fifty cartoons (as voted by 1,000 members of the animation industry in 1994) are linked. 

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Rip Off II

December 27, 2006

Pupster has a conversation with Sandy the Roomba.

Sandy – Thanks for choosing me…I won’t let you down.

Pupster– Uh huh.

Sandy– A whole shelf full of Roombas, but you chose me.  Thanks. 

Pupster– Yeah.

Sandy – I mean, there was a whole store full of merchandise, acres and acres of clothes, housewares, jewelry, shoes, books, you name it, and you walked right past all that and picked me to give to your wife for Christmas.  Wow.


Sandy- I love you…

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Best Present Ever, Not So Much

December 26, 2006

Christmas morning descended upon the Pupster house in the usual fashion, with the Pupster-boys dragging us out of bed to open presents before the sun came up. 

What I thought would be the best Christmas present ever for the boys did not move the joy meter in the least, but Mrs. Pupster and I have enjoyed plinking cans on our homemade shooting range in the garage.

My “big” present to Mrs. Pupster also did not receive the “sparkly eyed gushing thank you” I expected.  After I excitedly charged it up and followed it around the house for a few hours, I’ve conceded the fact that I may have fulfilled my fondest Christmas wish instead of hers.  The appropriate level of contrition is still being negotiated. 

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