I’m Totally Kicking Sony’s Butt

Maddox and I have something in common:

“…Sony expects to lose $1.7 billion dollars in their gaming division by March. That means that I and anyone else who makes any money at all between now and March (or at least manages not to lose more than $1,699,999,999.99) will officially make more money than Sony’s gaming division.”

Read why Maddox is sick of Sony’s Bulls***(NSFW-language, rude graphics)

How's that battery holding up?

2 Responses to I’m Totally Kicking Sony’s Butt

  1. Michael says:

    FYI, I checked the WP support forum. They are working on the glitch with embedded YouTube videos. They did something to the system that caused the vids to not load in IE.

  2. Pupster says:

    Thanks man. No youtube = 50% less pupster content.

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