Those Lights Aren’t Twinkling Clark

 Those lights aren't twinkling, Clark

I usually put up my Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, and today was a perfect day for it.  Last year my icicle lights gave me some trouble with burned out bulbs, so I decided to replace them with new.

I went to my local hardware store, and bought 6 strings of 150 lights, the same amount I used last year.  Of course I realized after installing 3 strings, I would need at least one more.   

When I went back to the hardware store, the shelves were empty of white icicle lights, all that remained were blue or multicolored.  I asked a clerk if he would check for more in the back, but while he was writing down the item number (and not looking very hopeful), a Christmas miracle happened.

Bruce, the Christmas angel, came around the corner pushing a dolly with 3 cases of white icicle lights.  Great moments in great timing.  I told Bruce he saved Christmas, and I thought I heard a little bell ringing in the background.   Attaboy, Bruce. 


17 Responses to Those Lights Aren’t Twinkling Clark

  1. kevlarchick says:

    Lovely. Everything is so symmetrical.

  2. compos mentis says:

    Looks good Pupster.

    I raked leaves the better part of the weekend. Would’ve liked to have hung lights, because the weather was fantastic. We did get our tree though. Course, every year, putting it in the stand and getting it straight gives me an extreme case of turrets.

  3. Pupster says:

    Thanks KC, I hope it enhances your enjoyment of the holiday season.

    I’ve had 2 fake trees over the last 12 years compos, I don’t miss wrestling with fresh cut evergreen trees at all.

  4. geoff says:

    Had a couple of real trees, then ran screaming for the artificial kind. I mean, you’ve got these mongo ornaments that weigh a significant fraction of a pound, and 90% of the branches on a real tree can’t take the weight. Plus there’s no maintenance, fire hazard, or disposal.

    My dad is hardcore: he just throws a bag over his artificial tree, ornaments, lights, and all, and sticks it in his basement. Some of the holiday spirit may have escaped him…

  5. BrewFan says:

    You did a nice job, pups. I put mine up this weekend but because I really don’t like being up on the roof my lights aren’t quite so straight 🙂 At some point in the future if I feel like we all need a chuckle, I’ll post a picture.

  6. Elzbth says:

    Ho ho ho! Looks great. I haven’t done anything yet, because I havent felt like it. I need to get some Christmas spirit.
    Jack Daniels sounds like a good Christmas spirit.

  7. Pupster says:

    Brew, I splurged this year and bought 2 types of plastic hangers, one type slides under the shingles or roof flashing and the other type clips onto gutters. It was the best $10 I’ve ever spent.

    Elzbth, friends don’t let friends drink and decorate.

  8. BrewFan's says:

    Yep, same here. They do make the job go faster. And I’m thinking I can take the lights down without getting back up on the roof


  9. my good friend Mr. John Daniels says:

    I woulda taken a FLAMETHROWER TO THIS place!

  10. BrewFan says:

    It just dawned on me that the title to this post may be a NLCV reference. Right? I love that movie!

  11. Pupster says:

    That’s correct Brew, I started out using the “not twinkling” quote for the picture tag,but it made me giggle so much I had to use it as the title.

    Can you spot the second quote from the movie in the comments?

  12. Here’s a tip. Just leave them up all year long and you won’t have to take the time to put them up next year.

    Oh, you don’t live in Idaho?
    Never mind.

  13. Pupster says:

    My next door neighbor draped gold tinsel around an evergreen tree in his front yard about 6 Christmases ago. The tree has grown around it, embedding the tinsel into the branches and trunk. I can still see a little sparkle when I mow my lawn, if the sun is at the proper angle.

    It ain’t just Idaho pal.

  14. Elzbth says:

    Elzbth, friends don’t let friends drink and decorate
    Actually, I’m not in charge of outside decorations. And I think a little holiday spirit might lead to more interesting interior decorating. Ho ho ho!

  15. Nod your head yes and assure me these are plugged into a GFCI protected receptacle…

    An electrical safety rant

  16. Pupster says:

    *nods head*
    *checks panel*

  17. Every year a few house burn down and/or people getting electrocuted because of bogus cords on these things. Its just something I’m paranoid about ;->

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