Trick or Turkey

I took the pupster boys trick-or-treating this year, normally I stay home on the porch with a bottle of whiskey, night vision goggles, an assault rifle, and some Reece’s Pieces to take the edge off. 


 The last of the candy was consumed after Thanksgiving Dinner.  I guess I can take down the Halloween decorations now.

*UPDATE* Mrs. Pupster objects to posting images of the Pupster Boys…photo has been edited to protect the innocent.

11 Responses to Trick or Turkey

  1. Dave in Texas says:

    Villains! Scoundrels!

    aka boys.

    Looks like they were cocked, locked and ready to rock.

  2. Dave in Texas says:

    wait. Have I made a gender mistake here?


  3. Pupster says:

    Nope you were right the first time, pupster boys.
    The cheeks were rosy from sprinting from house to house.

  4. kevlarchick says:

    You can’t deny that blond one pups. He’s you all over again. Seems they are quite familiar with that *uniform* also.

  5. Pupster says:

    Yeah, he looks AND ACTS like me, which makes it hard not to sympathize with his point of view when I’m getting all “DAD” with him.

    I tried to get them to say “Stand and deliver” instead of “Trick or Treat”, but they didn’t think it was cool.

  6. skinbad says:

    What do you call a pupsters pups anyway? Good looking boys.

  7. Pupster says:

    I can’t top evil con carne…

    Rover and Spot?

    Rambo and Remo?

    Zeus and Apollo?

    (Suggestions welcome)

  8. kevlarchick says:

    Romulus and Remus.

  9. BrewFan says:

    Butch and Sundance Kid

  10. Dave in Texas says:

    Hope and Crosby

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