Sometimes Nothing is a Real Cool Hand

November 13, 2006

Cool Hand Luke was on AMC tonight.  I tried to find my favorite scene on the intertubes, but all I could find was the car wash scene  (NSFW) and the “failure to communicate” bit.

The scene I like best is Luke daring God to show himself.

[Discussing God and the rain]
Luke: Let him go. Bam, Bam.
Dragline: Knock it off, Luke. You can’t talk about Him that way.
Luke: Are you still believin’ in that big bearded Boss up there? You think he’s watchin’ us?
Dragline: Get in here. Ain’t ya scared? Ain’t ya scared of dyin’?
Luke: Dyin’? Boy, he can have this little life any time he wants to. Do ya hear that? Are ya hearin’ it? Come on. You’re welcome to it, ol’ timer. Let me know you’re up there. Come on. Love me, hate me, kill me, anything. Just let me know it.
[He looks around]
Luke: I’m just standin’ in the rain talkin’ to myself. 

One of my professors loved to use Cool Hand Luke in his lectures, and he used the above scene to talk about communication.  Tell the people who are doing a good job that you notice their efforts.  Tell the people who are not doing a good job how they can improve.  “Love me, hate me, kill me, anything, just let me know it!”

Human beings crave comments feedback.  Silent approval sounds the same as quiet contempt.  

Here are some more scenes from the movie, set to Beck.