I had a bad day at work on Friday.  It was actually “good” in the sense that more, bigger, and better opportunities became available for my company, “bad” in that there was no possible way to capture all the business without lowering the quality standards I place upon myself for my work output.

I tried to get it all done, skipped lunch, took no breaks, read no blogs, but still came up short at the end of the day.  I finally had a “FUCKIT” moment when I realized it was after 5:00 and the customer who I was busting my ass for had already given up on getting the work and was home with a drink in his hand, not giving me or my “quality standards” a second thought.

I left the office and on the drive home, just at a perfect moment when I made it into the fast lane and could open it up, this song came on the radio.  NSFW (language)


5 Responses to Whatever…

  1. composmentis says:

    I saw these guys last month with Shinedown and Rob Zombie. Saw them a couple of years ago with Metallica. They are probably my favorite band right now. The IV cd, while not as heavy as the others, still rocks and is musically tighter and better.

    Have you heard Tool’s 10,000 days? I’m totally into it as well.

  2. pupster says:

    Just for you Compos…

    I’m not much of an audiophile, but I know what I like. The Godsmack song was just a perfect time/place/situation, like I was living a movie.

  3. geoff says:

    Pupster – didn’t know you had a blog. I’ll stick it on my blogroll.

  4. kevlarchick says:

    I like Godsmack’s Serenity. Cool.

    Another one: Slipknot’s Duality.

  5. kevlarchick says:

    I like Godsmack’s Serenity. Cool.

    Another one: Slipknot’s Duality.

    My son got me into System of a Down.

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