I’m Totally Kicking Sony’s Butt

November 30, 2006

Maddox and I have something in common:

“…Sony expects to lose $1.7 billion dollars in their gaming division by March. That means that I and anyone else who makes any money at all between now and March (or at least manages not to lose more than $1,699,999,999.99) will officially make more money than Sony’s gaming division.”

Read why Maddox is sick of Sony’s Bulls***(NSFW-language, rude graphics)

How's that battery holding up?

Do I Make You Uncomfortable II

November 28, 2006

As a follow up to this post, I went to see the same client again today, this time in full suited glory and armed with the patented Pupster Power-Point Presentation. 

I’ve been practicing my sales pitch and tweaking the slide show for the last 2 weeks.  I think I nailed it, I’ll know by the end of the week if it’s Gravy Train or Kennel Ration for the next 18-24 months.   

In some cultures, two chins are a sign of virility

Working Dog

Youngest Pup is just out of frame; I’m leaning over to assist his attempt at giving me bunny ears.  


Those Lights Aren’t Twinkling Clark

November 26, 2006

 Those lights aren't twinkling, Clark

I usually put up my Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, and today was a perfect day for it.  Last year my icicle lights gave me some trouble with burned out bulbs, so I decided to replace them with new.

I went to my local hardware store, and bought 6 strings of 150 lights, the same amount I used last year.  Of course I realized after installing 3 strings, I would need at least one more.   

When I went back to the hardware store, the shelves were empty of white icicle lights, all that remained were blue or multicolored.  I asked a clerk if he would check for more in the back, but while he was writing down the item number (and not looking very hopeful), a Christmas miracle happened.

Bruce, the Christmas angel, came around the corner pushing a dolly with 3 cases of white icicle lights.  Great moments in great timing.  I told Bruce he saved Christmas, and I thought I heard a little bell ringing in the background.   Attaboy, Bruce. 

Radiohead – Creep

November 25, 2006

I want you to notice

When I’m not around

(clean version- so F’n very special)

Lyrics after the fold

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Trick or Turkey

November 24, 2006

I took the pupster boys trick-or-treating this year, normally I stay home on the porch with a bottle of whiskey, night vision goggles, an assault rifle, and some Reece’s Pieces to take the edge off. 


 The last of the candy was consumed after Thanksgiving Dinner.  I guess I can take down the Halloween decorations now.

*UPDATE* Mrs. Pupster objects to posting images of the Pupster Boys…photo has been edited to protect the innocent.