Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Rip Off

Jeff Goldstein is my Hero 


A brief conversation with Grandpa Pupster’s Sickle

Pupster: So, I’m glad I finally found you.


Pupster: You know, your a bit of a rare item. 


Pupster: Irreplaceable it seems.




Pupster:  Did you meet the new machete?  I went to three different hardware stores to find it.  It needs sharpening.




Pupster: Funny story; I was looking for a whetstone for the new machete, and that’s when I found you in that drawer.  Kind of ironic, huh?


Pupster:  Look, I’m sorry OK?  I didn’t know you were in that drawer all summer.  I made a spot for you on the pegboard in the garage, you have your own hanger, and I’ll draw your outline on the wall and everything.


Pupster:  So, whataya say we go chop some stuff down?

Sickle:  Now your talking sonny.  I could use a sharpening first, did you ever find that whetstone?

Machete: Si, me too amigo.

Sickle:  Nobody’s talking to you beaner.


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