Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Rip Off

October 15, 2006

Jeff Goldstein is my Hero 


A brief conversation with Grandpa Pupster’s Sickle

Pupster: So, I’m glad I finally found you.


Pupster: You know, your a bit of a rare item. 


Pupster: Irreplaceable it seems.




Pupster:  Did you meet the new machete?  I went to three different hardware stores to find it.  It needs sharpening.




Pupster: Funny story; I was looking for a whetstone for the new machete, and that’s when I found you in that drawer.  Kind of ironic, huh?


Pupster:  Look, I’m sorry OK?  I didn’t know you were in that drawer all summer.  I made a spot for you on the pegboard in the garage, you have your own hanger, and I’ll draw your outline on the wall and everything.


Pupster:  So, whataya say we go chop some stuff down?

Sickle:  Now your talking sonny.  I could use a sharpening first, did you ever find that whetstone?

Machete: Si, me too amigo.

Sickle:  Nobody’s talking to you beaner.

Pupster’s Anti-Freakout Post

October 7, 2006

Ace and a lot of the commenters starting freaking out last week about a variety of issues, from Bill Frist wanting to bring the Taliban into the Afgani Government, to the whole Mark Foley page IM jackoff scandal. 

I did a quick youtube search for some inspirational videos, to rally the troops and maybe cheer someone up.  The first is my favorite from “America’s Funniest Home Videos”:  Laughing Babies-

The clip I searched on Winston Churchill, looking for the speach “Never Surrender”

The third and best for the situation, was a video of  “Triumph- Fight the Good Fight”

I’ve always loved this song, but it has been removed from youtube due to whatever.  Hum it to yourself. 

Pool Update

October 2, 2006

I’d feel better about it if more than half of the pool members actually picked a few games from time to time.  Still… Yeaargh!!!11!  FIRST PLACE BITCHES!